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By YAK_Den

It's official!!! The YAKStore is pleased to announce that we will now support custom ranks! We have had huge feedback and requests related to having custom ranks on our site. In order to keep custom ranks from getting out of control we've put some rules into please. Please see the description below and if you have any further questions please PM YAK_Den!

Item: Custom Rank at Forums.
YAKPoint Price: 5,000 YAKPoints
Purchase Instructions: Submit a PM to YAK_Den with the subject heading YAKStore: Custom Rank Purchase. In the message body include your username and your suggested custom rank. reserves the right to deny any custom rank. All ranks must be mature, clean, and professional in nature. Your custom rank will not be rewarded until YAKAdmin can remove your YAKPoints from your YAKPoint Balance (not Bank Account).

Enjoy and Happy Ranking!
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By jedistyle
got mine, very cool! :twisted:
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By raziel
:lol: WOO HOO!

I thought I'd join you style buddy!!!! :wink:
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By jedistyle
nice raz! get in there theo..... :)
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By Niktom
Well, I finally broke down and got me one of them new fangled fancied up Custom Ranks.

You got yours yet?

Not many sites let you pick your own rank ya know...
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By Duke
Ah, what the heck, I got one too!
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By Arc_Trooper77
I hope to get one, when I have enough.. :( :oops:
By Rune Haako
Me too, but my points are going for auctions right now. ;)
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By Arc_Trooper77
I'll save them for a rank change or a custom figure.. One of the two, I don't know yet.
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By Captain Pierce
I splurged for one...Hope i get it soon (maybe) 8) :)
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By YAK_Den
Captain Pierce wrote:I splurged for one...Hope i get it soon (maybe) 8) :)

HEHE! To be done this weekend (hopefully)!!!
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By JediJman
I bought a new rank at the store as well and it was delivered almost immediately! Superfast service and quality merchandise - that's why I shop at the YakStore.
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By Captain Pierce
Im quite satisfied with my new rank, its way better than Nerf herder hehehehe :wink: :lol:
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