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By darth_sidious
Since this weekend will wrap up the last of the Yak Auctions for 2009, I thought I'd help fellow forum users out with a YAKPoints giveaway. All you have to do to participate is submit one picture of either your collection, yourself with a Star Wars item, or any holiday related Star Wars display at your home. I will randomly draw a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize and each person who submits a picture will receive points.

1st place = 10,000 points

2nd place = 5,000 points

3rd place = 3,000 points

All users = 1,000 points

[Ends at 9PM EST Saturday night, winners will be announced and YAKPoints will be transferred before the auctions end]
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By Ars30
Here's the top shelf on my Display Cabinet.

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By YAK_Den
Congrats! Feel free to spread the love and give away yakpoints at random to random peeps just for posting!
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By JediJman
Here's a favorite from my collection - the Emperor's arrival on the Death Star:

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