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By YAK_Den
Dear Yakface Fans and Fellow Collectors,

It has come to our attention that with our latest update to the Forum System a bug was spotted that has made the Points, Bank, Lottery, and Arcade systems inaccesible to you. As you may now be aware, we are always working hard behind the scenes to update our systems so we can combat spammers and keep security in tact so that Yakface remains a comfortable and grief-free environment. During this process we also needed to update the databases to ensure system integrity and performance. As a result, the new update seems to have un-linked everybody to the points and arcade. We are looking into the problem and hope to fix it shortly. Please do not fear, your points are saved and backed up in our systems and remain in tact.

We do however want to stress that we are actually looking into a new way of running the points system, rewarding points, and making them more usable. For the time being we have deactivated points on the back-end and are working towards a resolution that can continue to reward you guys for participation. With the HUGE success we have had with "giveaways" our trends may evolve to include more of that and focus on the most "current" active players on a monthly basis. We want to reward and value those who continue to participate and post all the time.

This ensures we show that our focus is on those who are always contributing, always visiting, and always focused! This includes looking at those who post often, contribute to events like yakfinities, and social network with yak (ala Facebook). Do not fret though. If you are still here and still active we are developing NEW ways to reward you for your efforts. If you have any ideas please PM them to me and I will discuss them with the admin and yak staff. I believe I speak for all the admin when I say it is time for us to take Yakface to the next level and evolve so that we can better support our hard-working and dedicated community.

Thank you for your attention and patience with this issue.

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By YAK_Den
AaylaSecurasMan wrote:So, any update Den? :D

Sorry for the delay! We are still working behind the scenes on this issue.

We actually are working on a more alternative solution that might debut around our 5th Anniversary!!!

Stay tuned!

PS: Don't worry! We know everybody worked hard for their points and we are working on a solution that benefits everybody for their hard work and participation!
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By YAK_Den

We have a great update for you all! I was able to update the forum software today and it went well!

The bad news is that the past few updates have corrupted our Arcade and Point systems!

The GOOD news: Your points are safe! I actually have downloaded a chart and have a list with everybody's well earned points!

The BAD news: The systems are not in a state of functionality.

Like we have mentioned, we do have a plan to reward you guys who earned points (around Holiday time)! We will however not be reinstalling the systems! With our turn in focus towards important points like social networking, forum discussions, and our main site we believe there is no longer a need to have these systems in place in order to provide you a great service and visit.

We also believe it is most important to ensure the foundations of our forums are bug free and friendly to use. By reinstating these systems we could lose forum integrity!

I appreciate everybody understanding, please continue to participate, and know we do have plans this holiday to reward everyone (new and old, as long as active) for their dedication to Yakface!


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By YAK_Den
darth_sidious wrote:Glad to hear you were just making updates - I tried to jump on the forums yesterday while they were offline and I got a bit worried - I'm happy that my favorite forums are up and running.

YEP! We hadn't done an update in 8 months and a new one was just released! YAY! It took me about two hours behind the scenes to complete and ensure backups and POINTS backups were made and solidified! Your favorite forums are back and running great! Thanks for being a part of our happy home! We love you guys!
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