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By dj121
Hello everyone,

I would like to offer the chance for all of you to enter a photo contest. My site, has partnered with to bring you the Best Collection Awards! We have had several successful rounds, and now we would like to open the contest to members of Yakface as well!

If this is okay with the mods, you can get the information here:

You can also follow along on our facebook page here:

Two categories: Best collection and Best Noob collection. There will be prizes donated from our sponsors! The contest is open to both vintage and modern collectors! Show us what you've got, and maybe YOU will be a winner!

Voting will be cast through a poll system. If this is okay with mods, I will ask them about setting up a voting poll here at the end of the contest. Voting can also be done at and

I look forward to seeing your entries!
Thank you,
By dj121
Thanks, man!

Last round we had a lot of new faces and some really cool entries. I hope it continues for the current round. We almost shut the contest down due to lack of entries until the partnership.
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