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Since there really isn’t much in the way of deals involving Star Wars toys this year, we will be having a special “Black Friday” giveaway as a way to say “thanks” to all of our readers and folks that sent in reports this year.

Some time on Friday, November 29, we will be posting a special link on the front page of our site and the first person to see it, and comment/post on the link will win a set of The Black Series Wave 2 3-3/4″ figures that include: R2-D2, Pablo-Jill, Luminara Unduli, 41st Clone Trooper, Stormtrooper and the ellusive Mara Jade. The contest is open everyone – WORLDWIDE!

Now, don’t feel obligated to refresh the page all day long as this contest will only run from 6am until 12pm EDT and there may be hints dropped via Facebook and/or Twitter as to when it will go live so you might want to follow those for a leg up.

Again, thanks for a great year, good luck and MTFBWY!
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