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By YAK_Chewie
Hey guys - it's time to select the winners!

Winner #1 - Joosk
Winnter #2 - Trev

Joosk, please post in this thread which you want - the A-Wing or the Rathtar. Please both of you send me a PM with your shipping details.

Everyone else - thank you for being a part of our community here. We'll try to give away some more prizes again soon -- remember too, we do giveaways each quarter with the Yakfinities Roundup Report.

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By Joosk
OMG I actually won??????????????????????? I guess there is a first for everything lol Thank you guys this has been a great community to be part of lots of fun and joy. I would like the A-Wing please since I already have the Rathgar.
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By Trev
HOLY COW! Congrats, Joosk! I'm genuinely shocked that I was picked for this! I never win anything, so thank you guys so much! :D This just made my day! I will send you a PM, YAK_Chewie! Thanks!

And I couldn't agree more with Joosk—it's an honor to be a part of a community as wonderful as this one. Thank you all so much!
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By reverendstrone
Congratulations, guys! :D

Big thanks to Jayson, Chewie and everyone involved with for the giveaway and continuing to host and foster this great little community.

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