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By Joosk
I was able to finally get my hands on a rare comic pack from a line by Hasbro called shadows of the darkside but the labeling on packages said Saga Legends. The characters are from a Deleted scene from a New Hope the Tosche station scene with Biggs Luke and two other characters Carrie & Fixer.
Camie Marstrap & Laze Fixer Loneozner.jpg
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By darth_sidious
I believe I bought mine online as well, it shipped in a case assortment with the Infinities Maul vs Uncle Owen from what I remember. Years later, its hard to fathom a set like this was ever released. I doubt Hasbro would release a pack with characters such as these in the current line.
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By StooperZero
they wouldnt bother with almost any of the characters that were offered in the comic packs. Maybe Yuuzhan Vong
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