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By YAK_Jayson
Just to keep things up to date here. Galactic Heroes are cancelled.
YAK_Jayson wrote:Just to keep things up to date here. Galactic Heroes are cancelled.

These guys will always remain close to my heart as my kids started collecting them back in the early '00s (actually I started for them).

I hope that they return some day at least as store exclusives or online exclusives.
I found the GH AT-ST set today at my local TRU. I was shocked when I saw it as it was supposed to be a Kohl's exclusive and GH's have been EOL's already :shock: $34.99 price tag, a bit steep but had one of those $5 off coupons.

This has been an Argos exclusive here since last year, surprised its taken so long for you guys to get something (for a change). :lol:
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By Scott
AaylaSecurasMan wrote:Picked up the Vos/Barriss GH 2-pack today from TRU.

The Barriss Galactic Heroes is one of my favorites! Have bought about 20 all together and they sit on top of my TV.

Would love to find that Kamino set with Taun We and little Boba Fett but have only seen 1, didn't get it and haven't seen it again! LOL
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By jedistyle
wow, that horrible that this line was canceled, i never really kept up it much but with my son being born i figure this was a stawras line he would be able to enjoy relativly early, so i started picking them up here and there. ive bought all i have seen most from the wave with pre visla and the deathwatch mando, ive bought a few online here and there including an AT-AT. i had a whole big bax of starwars stuff to give my boy when he gets a bit older and can play with it, i was looking forward to picking up more GH's along the way but this is very disapointing..... :( did anyone happen to here a reason why this line got nixed? just curious....
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By YAK_Chewie
Bought this Jabba set for my kids last month at Target - and it's hard to find already! I did spot another one yesterday.


Anyone think it's odd that Hasbro's starting to show more focus on OT stuff for the Playschool Heroes line, but not the same for the 3.75" scale? I don't get it.

There is also the upcoming Endor AT-ST set at Kohls. I'll be getting that for sure for my kids.

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