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By AaylaSecurasMan
Starting a separate thread for these new little guys.

EE has the first wave of sets including the Millenium Falcon up for pre-order. Available in July-August.
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By The Professor
It's good that they still fit GH figures since those were so wildly popular. I really can't believe they canceled that line.
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By AaylaSecurasMan
Saw the Snowspeeder and the Falcon set in person for the first time a few days ago, very nice ones but I do have the Galactic Heroes ones so I am passing although the snowspeeder is a re-paint and looks very cool. The Falcon is totally different with more play features.
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By YAK_Chewie
Saw these new Heroes or whatever they are at TRU today, $5.99 each... very cool... thought they were part of the Buy 1 Get 1 50% off sale, but they aren't. If they were, I would have bought them for my son... but that would have been more of a "gotta get this" kind of purchase because he hasn't been paying much attention to this stuff lately. He's more into GI JOE and He-Man right now.

...are these things even new though? I know there's some that have been out for a while, but I don't remember seeing these particular sets. At least not the Grievous/Battle Droid one?

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By Paulskywalker
10 POA, detailed, two all new sculpts and $5.99......
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