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By YAK_Jayson
http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/movi ... s/1872035/

Star Wars action figures are growing up with their audience.

After 35 years of fantastic plastic standing tall in pop culture at 3¾ inches, Hasbro is releasing the Star Wars Black Series this year, beginning a new set of 6-inch figures that will feature more articulation and an increased attention to detail.

Priced at $19.99 each, eight figures are planned for 2013 — Hasbro will primarily draw characters from the original Star Wars trilogy of films while also bringing in key players from the prequels.

The first wave of four, due out in early to mid-August, includes Luke Skywalker in his X-Wing Fighter flight suit, fan-favorite droid R2-D2, bad guy Darth Maul and an Imperial Sandtrooper.

"We consider them the best figures that Hasbro's ever produced for Star Wars that meets the sensibilities of romancing the character as well as the playability and poseability that fans really appreciate," says Derryl DePriest, Hasbro vice president of boys marketing.

Hasbro has had success with the scale before with the 6-inch Marvel Legends figures based on Marvel Comics heroes and villains. In terms of Star Wars, though, the Black Series will act as a transitional point between the 3¾-inch toys — "which is rooted in the childhood memories of generations of now-grown kids," DePriest says — and the 12-inch Sideshow Collectibles figures for adult collectors.
By sircouch
I'm guessing this is one reason why you can't find any figures anymore. Or why Hasbro is rehashing some of their worst and most overproduced figures. Don't care. Won't buy them. I moved on a long time ago.
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By darth_sidious
No matter how much better these might end up looking compared to 4 inch figures, I simply am not going to "reboot" my collection. I'm collecting 4 inch figures or not collecting at all. The only other scale I bought into was the original Unleashed line because those were more like statues that worked well as display pieces, these are just large action figures...
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By darthmac
Interesting, the Luke looks great, but as others said, I'm not changing over my collection to 6", but I might pick up a few of my absolute figures.
By Eopie Herder
darthmac wrote:Interesting, the Luke looks great, but as others said, I'm not changing over my collection to 6", but I might pick up a few of my absolute figures.

Agreed. I'll grab Maul, and if Qui-Gon, or Jedi Luke happen, I'll grab those. There are a few I'd probably be interested in actually. I'll just have to wait and see. Out of the first four though, Maul is likely the only one I will buy. Could change my mind when I see them in person though. It's an interesting prospect, the likenesses they could get in this scale could be awesome.
By zedhatch
I;m surprized these took this long. I will grab a Vader, an R2, maybe a fett, chewie, and a few other faves but no way am I going to collect everything in this line. I see the demand and I think it's a good idea but I will have to say pass overall with the exception of a few.
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By Paulskywalker
I just wish they'd concentrate on fixing the main line instead of messing about, The Luke mock up looks nice but i'm not keen on another collection. I do appreciate that Hasbro seems to have designed this with collectors in mind, but hat collectors want is a 3 3/4in line that is worthy of SW and Hasbro.
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By Paulskywalker
These three paragraphs really show DePriest and Hasbro are out of touch with collectors.

The Black Series appeals to those newbies who want to start a series from the start as well as those hardcore collectors who gobble up anything having to do with the words "Jedi" or "Empire" and "are looking for something new and their interest isn't as piqued by the 15th cantina alien we have yet to do," DePriest says. "We realize folks want their iconic characters delivered up in a new way."

With Star Wars: Episode VII coming from new Star Wars director J.J. Abrams in a couple of years, as well as comics, novels and other media adding to the universe George Lucas started in 1977, it's a good time to figure out different scales and toys for the next generation of Star Wars fan, according to DePriest.

"Our focus here is the adult collector, the dad," DePriest says. "We know they have their own generation of youngsters they like to share the adventure with. It can be something for dad, and the 3¾ world can be something for the kids to share."

They assume:
1)will buy anything with 'Jedi' and 'Empire on it, in other words anything.
2)That were bored with obscure characters and that we want something new altogether. No Hasbro we want new characters and interesting things in 3 3/4 inch
3) that messing around with size scales is a good idea. Instead of sorting out what they already have.
4)The last sentence is a clear indication of what i've been saying, the 3 3/4 is no longer for adults. I reckon their expecting us to give up the line we love for this line eventually, one that will only be figures as vehicles etc will probably be unviable.

Don't get the newbie bit either, newbies will do what they've always done get involved in the 3 3/4 inch line.
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By Trooper31
I'll be cherry picking this line. From the first wave, I only want the sandtrooper. I'm not really interested in anything from TPM. I would have preferred a Tat Luke, but the pilot does look nice. Hopefully, we'll see all 8 figures at TF.

My heart will always be with the 3.75" line and I won't reboot my whole collection for larger figures.
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By Paulskywalker
I was thinking this morning this line will be like Sideshow dolls, i like like them but won't get them. I have a feeling a few people are like that over Sideshow SW dolls, nice but no money or time for another line.
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By darth_sidious
True, there are a number of SW products I like that I dont buy - this will be the same. They may turn out great, but I simply cant get into it. I know many of us are critical of decisions that come from Hasbro, but they can release whatever they like obviously - I simply hope that this line doesnt distract them from maintaining a quality 4 inch line...
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By Trooper31
This year I picked up three Sideshow sandtroopers and Bacara. I've got the snowtrooper on order. However, I won't go all out on SS stuff. The only other figures I'd buy would be a GM to go with Bacara and maybe an farmboy Luke. That's all that I'd really want.

That said, I think I could easily limit myself to stuff like that for this 6" line.

I would really hate to see the smaller line suffer because of the 6" line.
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