Non-Vintage and non-Clone Wars products featuring the Darth Maul, Yoda and Vader packaging design

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Found these "gems" today at wally :? I felt so 90's :cry: Bad news they either come in a case of 5: 2x Rebel Heroes, 2x Geonosis Arena and 1x Republic Clones or 6 per case with two each as I saw 2 rebel heroes, 2 Geo arena and 1 republic clones.

Wow. Those look about as inspiring as a head cold. :lol: I might bite on the "Rebel Heroes" one if the sculpts were more up-to-date and had better articulation, but the 3PO, Chewie and Han must be ten years old apiece if not older. That COMMTech Han was a joy to see about a decade ago but has since become pretty tiresome to spot on pegs and shelves. And the Chewie dates from 2002 before the epically awesome VOTC figure of our favorite Wookiee made its debut. Back then it was one of the better Chewies around. Today it's just little more than background filler or something to toss in a drawer.

I'm personally holding out for the Astromech Droids and Podracers. At least those have far more appealing(and recent)figures in them.
Agreed. $10.96-$12.96 or thereabouts. Not that I'd buy any of these three even at THAT pricepoint, but at least then it wouldn't seem like Hasbro is trying to rob unsuspecting kids and noob collectors by overcharging for molds that have been outdated for about ten years. You can probably get loose copies of each of these figures for just a couple of bucks apiece on eBay or from a local flea market and they'd be just as good as the ones in that new package.

What a waste of cardboard and plastic. :roll:
Yeah, a bunch of repack trash.The scapers can have these.The phase 2 Cody I would like to find.I just hope he will be plentiful.Well,the stores in my area are scared to death of Hasbro and the is not product to be found at Walmart.
I could be mistaken, but is the Jango Fett in the Geonosis Pack a kitbash of the 2002 Deluxe Jango? The one that came with the electronic sounds jetpack? If so, that is extremely lazy...even for Hasbro. That wasn't even the best Jango figure in 2002 for cryin' out loud. Even if it's not a kitbash of the 2002 Deluxe figure Hasbro could have picked a much, much better Jango to repack inside this set. How about the one that recently showed up on a Saga Legends cardback(SL #5)? Or the one that came in the Episode II BluRay Commemorative Set? Either of those look vastly better than the stinkbomb in this Battle Pack.

And don't get me started on the Obi-Wan. That figure was dodgy when it was brand new in 2003. After eight and a half years it hasn't aged well at all. With all the Episode II Obi-Wans that have been made in the past nine or ten years they pick THAT one? :x They must be hoping that kids and noobs will be the ones buying these Battle Packs. Because most self-respecting collectors will understandably turn their nose up at this junk.
DanOfTheDead wrote:It's like Hasbro decided the best way to combat figure swapping was just to go ahead and put the crappy old figures right in the package.


You know, I *still* wouldn't be surprised if people still figure-swapped with these turdfests. Some people will do anything.
Hasbro has been awful at making sensible case ratios for years. Whether the item is a gem or a piece of crap they always let the collector down when it comes to putting the right numbers in a case assortment.
I finally got a chance to see the new Geonosis Battle Pack in person.

It's just as big a waste of plastic in real life as when you see it on a computer screen. It's not even in a window box. It's packaged on a wide blister card of sorts. Really bad looking.

At least the Astromech Droids and Podracers will come in more appropriate and attractive window boxes. Can't wait to see those.

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