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By YAK_Chewie
So, the price is apparently going up a bit... but it looks like Hasbro's trying something new here, by including TWO figures in each set...


Thoughts? I think it's a pretty good idea, personally... especially if all the figures aren't crappy cheap figures like Hasbro's been using lately for the kid aimed stuff. Though I think Yoda's ship looks really silly... the MTT ship though is awesome.

By stroebel83
Rune Haako wrote:The MTT droid fighter is my favorite.

but why obi wan if he comes with the mtt
I have mixed feelings, I love the concepts, but I am tired of the line. The vehicles are cool, but I really dont have any interest in the figures. As I cut back on all the other lines in 2013, I may stop collecting this line all together... Not being able to find the new 2012 deluxe items, and even some from 2011 really makes me lose interest as well.
I do like this move (probably the only good move), as these have gone up in some store to £20 so 2 figures and mainly new vehicles makes it a lil more tolerable.

I like the Yoda fighter, i always wondered about a fighter for smaller Jedi and did think about a photo sketch with Yoda and a large fighter. So i'm happy for this and i expect will see Yaddle and Even Peill in future; as they have stated they want to put it out again.

I really like the MTT fighter too, very nicely done and i thought something was supposed to attach to the storage door on the MMT. This looks like it is based on a concept BD or MTT. Only bad thing is the Kenobi

The repaints of the AT RT and Dropship are cool too.
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By YAK_Chewie



^ Great new pics from the slide show.

I still think the Yoda one looks silly, and seems like a galactic hero vehicle, LOL! It's going to be popular though, I think. But I'll be passing on it.

The clone ship is very nice looking - I'm probably down for one or two.

The MTT support ship though is brilliant, and one of the coolest deluxes that I've seen in a long time. I will get 2-3 of them, I think. I love it... it's also nice that the droid pack-ins seem to have nice looking sculpts. Maybe not full of articulation, but they at least seem to look good.

These look very nice packaged, hopefully pricing won't go up as the deluxe line is already over-priced (as is everything). I understand why they went with Obi Wan so you get a goodie and baddie but they could have picked another Naboo goodie character.
[quote="darth_sidious" is it just me or does that ship look like a concept battle droid head with wings and guns?[/quote]

I thought the samething when i first saw it.
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By JediMerc
I think it's a nice idea to include not only the 2 figures, but make one a "good", one "bad" so kids can actually do up mock battles. It's these small marketing changes that gives me the feeling that Hasbro is definitely aware of changing interests in their purchaser demographics and are trying to pull in more consumer purchases (especially for the 'casual' consumer who's not super-fans of SW as many of us are).

With that said, I'll be going for at least 1 MTT fighter (looks pretty cool) and, maybe, 1 drop ship (though not overly concerned if I don't get one).

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