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By RyanMan12
As a collector does anyone else feel scared to go to a bric and mortar store to buy figures or what not? many of times when a sale is going on and i want to rush to the store i get the nervous feeling like people will laugh or say something. How does the Yakface community deal with these feelings?
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By Paulskywalker
In the store or in the street i don't care, but i am a bit nervous when i've been to TRU or another toy store before work and have to walk in with a bag and you can pretty much see whats in it. I tend to rush to my locker and if the thing will fit i'll pop it in there. I think cus i've only know the people there and few months and worry. When i'm in uni i'm too bothered either, but i think thats cus am surrounded by geeks there. :lol:
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By YAK_Chewie
I used to worry about this back in the day... I guess from 1995-1998 or so, I felt like an idiot. Seemed like half the time I found a new Star Wars figure and took it to a register, I would either see someone I knew from high school or a hot chick would see me and smirk.

I don't care anymore though. Just today as a matter of fact, I was in Hobby Lobby to buy something for a diorama I'm making (a tree branch to make some trees) -- and get this -- the cashier, after I paid, said, "Have fun with your twig." The lady behind me burst out laughing. I said, "whatever" and walked out.

I'm 35, and just don't care. I'm happily married, have two kids, and there are a lot worse things that I could be doing than being a Star Wars geek.

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By DanOfTheDead
I know it's easier to say "don't let people dictate how you enjoy the things you enjoy," but sooner or later you have to stop worrying what strangers think about it. I've gotten odd comments and strange looks, and from time to time it does still make me nervous, but mostly because I'm a big guy with a large beard (usually) and I'm more worried about making other people feel uncomfortable than I am concerned about how they view a grown man buying toys. I've seen moms pull their kids close when I come down the aisle, but all you can do is smile or nod and give them room.

Since I'm not really collecting anymore and only customize, people seem genuinely interested when I tell them I'm actually buying them to make my art if they comment on my purchase.
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By Paulskywalker
I've found now that it is ok these days for men to collect and have hobbies that it's not so bad, like in TRU the staff know me and chat to me about my purchases and give hints to savings etc. So in my teens no one cared, briefly felt odd in my late teens early 20s and now it's fine again lol.

Chewie i have to ask this, why buy a branch? I never understand when people buy stones and branches as their readily available.
By zedhatch
I haven't worried about it since I got a date with a Wal-mart cashier in 1995 when buying a stormtrooper, she started chatting me up about where to find Yoda and one thing lead to another. Didn't last long as she moved away but it was fun while it lasted.
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By Paulskywalker
Wow Yoda can do anything lol.
By zedhatch
Heh, Yoda was the man in 1995 LOL.

She was the first female I had ever met who was a SW fan, and she was very attractive to boot. Now adays I'm never shocked by hot girls who love star wars as a result.
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By YAK_Chewie
Paulskywalker wrote:Chewie i have to ask this, why buy a branch? I never understand when people buy stones and branches as their readily available.

I liked the look of it, and it's durable. I won't have to worry about it snapping ever. Plus, it being on sale for $4.00 didn't hurt either.

I snipped it up into several pieces for these trees:



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