Non-Vintage and non-Clone Wars products featuring the Darth Maul, Yoda and Vader packaging design

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YAK_Chewie wrote:Image

^ Came across two Stormtroopers on Wed/Thursday... one each at different TRU stores. I do like this, and bought it.

So far, the only $5.99 figures I like are the following:

- Stormtrooper
- Super Battle Droid
- C-3PO
- R2-D2
- R4-P17
- Vader
- Seeker Droid

I guess the rest just don't do it for me at all. The non-humans have been alright in my opinion. I don't care for the clones. The only reason I like the Stormie is because he has a great helmet sculpt.


I might add, that at one store, this was the only Wave 2 figure left... surprising, but lucky me! It's the only one I wanted anyway!

The more I look at that Stormtrooper the better he is. This is one of the only 5-POA figures where I could really care less how many joints the thing has. Look at that helmet sculpt.
I'm gonna get blasted for this, but I saw a wave 2 Stormtrooper at my local TRU this afternoon but let tit. In hand, it just didn't look as good as I thought it did in online images. I just can't get past the 5POA either. I hope someone else enjoys it; I just can't stand these new Saga figs.
I just got back from Marshall's with a fairly decent haul that makes up for the minimal Star Wars presence under the Xmas tree. :lol:
I added to my growing CIS army with these bad boys...

100_6806 - Copy.JPG

100_6810 - Copy.JPG

I had been debating getting an MTT for a few weeks. My local Marshall's had them for $79 and I never got one before.
Then today, BAM!!! I found them marked down to $59 along with 3 AATs for $12 each and a lone Super Battle Droid for $4.
Not a bad deal. I think even Watto would agree. :D
darth_sidious wrote:Great deals! Does Marshalls still have any of the deluxe CW line from the last few years? I heard they carried them, but I don't have one near me. I never found the Republic Submarine with Scuba Clone or the Y-wing scout with Warthog... :?:

I never saw those 2 at my local Marshall's but that doesn't mean they never had them come in. I might have missed out to some lucky collector who got there first. The last figure and vehicle packs I saw were the green Yoda packaged ones. They had those come in every now and then. Now that I have MTTs, I want to track down the Obi-Wan / Droid Fighter packs.
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