A 3.75-inch action figure line supporting the upcoming animated series

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By CommanderJoe276
YAK_Chewie wrote:Image

I agree, they both look fantastic. Even for 5POA, wow.

I know these are promo pics, but these look like the best Rebels figures yet. I think the Vader especially rocks.


Absolutely gorgeous. I loved last nights episode; what better way to honor it than with this. They both look incredible. Mega geekasm :lol:
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By JediMerc
I'm still not liking the 5POA, but I'll gladly pick these up. It's funny how much some people loathed the introduction of Ahsoka so many years ago, but now I *sense* that this 2-pack is going to be difficult to obtain... :wink:
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By CommanderJoe276
Today I was doing my monthly dusting and reorganizing of my collection and I found that the ROTS plastic cloak goes great with the SL Plo Koon. Just a suggestion to anybody who would rather a realistic Plo Koon instead of a CW version.
By dj121
Anyone else had enough of the Kanan figure yet? Single card release, packed with the Target Phantom, the TRU Obi-Wan hologram set and now coming out again with Ezra in the academy uniform.

Yet others are only available once, and in a 2 pack with limited availability!
By Jedimaster-c
Yeah, really a waste. It should have been the cadet that Ezra befriended at the academy. Now what's this about the current figures not getting another run. Is this for the on line stores? I saw it on the front page.
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By darth_sidious
Hunter PR's memo:

"We can confirm that all announced Saga Legends and Mission Series figures for 2015 will reach stores. As for the future of the lines, as you know we're unable to discuss any upcoming and unannounced products for Fall 2015 and beyond at the moment, but you've already seen the Ahsoka/Vader two-pack, which will be available this fall. Stay tuned for more info."

Found the answer right after i posted...
By Grimace
my TRU has the single packed Rebels figures for sale for $9.99

wow, just wow considering the other day I bought the Pilot Luke for $5.88 at Walmart
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