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By ctonra
[quote="Darth Vlad's Clone"]Maybe I should go to TRU and buy Transformers, MLP and anything but Star Wars for a joke. That would really get employees to scratch their heads.[/quote]

LOl. that woudl be funny, go over the top ans act as if you know something. like something is super rare variation on a My little Pony. mayb even turn a few scalpers heads.
YAK_Chewie wrote:Vlad, I'll be crushing some hot wings at a local establishment before the madness begins if you care to join me.


I think I might join you. I do have a $5 off coupon for TRU so I might as well use it. Just buy 6" Rey or something... or Devastator if they have one. :lol:
By AhsokaVader
I have never gone to a Midnight Madness event, and was curious to what time people start showing up because I don't want to be too late but not too early. Thanks for the help! Also what time do you plan on going?
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By AaylaSecurasMan
Went to Walmart on MM and was able to get what I wanted which was not much: B6 Kylo and Rey with BB-8, 3" Kylo and Phasma. There were only 4-5 other collectors.
Darth Vlad's Clone wrote:Maybe I should go to TRU and buy Transformers, MLP and anything but Star Wars for a joke. That would really get employees to scratch their heads.

I actually did this after buying what I wanted at Walmart and finding nothing of interest (for me) at TRU. My daughter loves Wild Kratts, so I ran back and grabbed a 10 pack of figures.
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By darth_sidious
I wasn't able to attend MM or FF and having checked stores in the area after, nothing 3.75 or 6 inch remains at the WM, Target, or TRU I stopped by. I'm hoping its not a repeat of the Rebels line, where its hit-or-miss. I imagine for a movie release the product availability should be flowing again soon. I wonder what, if anything, was available for kids? So many collectors say that they don't like the 5 POA figures, yet they sold out completely at many stores. Luckily, I was able to order a few figures from Amazon, but missed Kylo.
The Hasbro rep told me that restocks would be low, but I can't imagine come Black Friday and through the holidays there won't be more stock on the shelves... since it will lead up to the movie, but even especially after the movie is in theaters and everyone has a great impression and wants to buy things.
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By Jodo
I can't believe there aren't shipments coming in this week to replenish stock after the initial sell. Of course, retailers might be weary of stocking so much product at once...However considering the amount of non-Hasbro items, I kind of doubt that.
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