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I did something creative (and it was a laborious process even for a pro graphic designer) 130+ layer Photoshop file ; But it turned out well as a fan documentation of an iconic hero's demise. Enjoy!

I went ahead and changed the title. With many fans not having been able to see the film yet, your original title may have ruined a key scene in the film for some (or many).

Nice job on the video though! I couldn't image doing anything like that, since I am not technically savvy in such things!!
oh thanks. Sorry about that. That's true. I should have been more careful with the wording.

Frankly it seems the movie makers getting free advertising and they know they're making zillions of dollars so they look the other way at the inevitable fan 'sources' of imagery ; I had a VCD bootleg cam of the Phantom Menace while it was still in the theater we passed around work in 99. I saw it 9 times in the theater (mostly second run) and bought a lot of action figures. As a designer I liked the esthetic of that movie. So the obligatory fan bootleg wasn't a big deal. It actually ended up being a way to get to know people at work I really didn't know that well believe it or not. So thanks for being cool with images from a movie that's still in the theater. I was sensitive about that. I figured true fans would understand. And probably already have the same source in this day & age ;

Being a graphic designer and life long SW fan/collector it was worth the effort. Technically iMovie and Photoshop are easy for me to use. But something like that is in fact laborious. I'm used to doing big projects like that for real. The irony is I also did one for fun. Ti seems it's OK to mash up actual movie audio so I added it to a new Kylo Ren's anger scenes/Issues creative video ;

Working on and sharing SW VII videos is a pleasant surprise I hadn't planned on. I have more vintage stuff I'm going to upload over the year when I have time.

Thanks for appreciating the effort and letting me post this stuff here ; MTFBWY
I decided to delete those videos with movie images in them. The fan boy life long SW fan/collector designer youtuber in me got excited to participate in the festivities so to speak ; I shouldn’t be messing with an 800 lb mouse I mean Disney lol Thanx for for being cool about it!
CollectorTHX1138 wrote:I decided to delete those videos with movie images in them. The fan boy life long SW fan/collector designer youtuber in me got excited to participate in the festivities so to speak ; I shouldn’t be messing with an 800 lb mouse I mean Disney lol Thanx for for being cool about it!

Did you get notified by Disney? Taking them down was probably a good idea.
Not exactly.

Here's what happens is that publishers-most often music publishers but it can be anyone who claims "original" content-submits content to YouTube's automated Content ID database. It can be specific parts or the whole thing.

Since my fan "slideshow" style videos I uploaded were creative fun for me to do. And other channels had some of their own with actual cam video that was really crappy quality. I mashed-up the actual fan movie cam audio with an edited version of my Han Solo video stills that just had subtitles. It was just the "important" part. I mashed it up with the Imperial March Dubstep track.

Even mashed-up, once it was uploaded and even as Private, I got an email that said Copyright Content Claim by Disney. Blocked in all Countries. Unplayable. One copyright strike. It's a strike even if you delete it prior to making it Public.

If you get two strikes. Then you lose a lot of functionality.

There's so much copyrighted material on youtube you just don't know until you try it.

One thing I always do regardless is put copyright lines on videos. Even if I find a photo a Jawa Sandcrawler box insert on eBay! Not too many people take the time to do that ;

The SW VII vids I had already uploaded including Daniel Craig's cameo audio mashup didn't have copyright claims. None of the TV spots do either. Except for a Verizon BB-8 one. In that case they claimed a copyright. But let it play without a copyright strike so they could "monetize it" ie put ads on it.

A copyright claim can take a month to show up on uploaded videos. Especially music in a mashup.

So I played it safe and deleted the other vids even though they took some effort to do a fan video like those. Sometimes it's 90% process 10% end result why you do something creative anyway ;

I did a creative AV mashup on another channel. Pink Floyd clips claimed copyrights after 15 days. No strikes. Sometimes they just won't play in certain countries.

I tried a 10 sec Eagles clip. Same result as Disney. Can't be played. Copyright strike. Now those guys are just being jerks!

Phil Collin's publisher will "share monetization" which is fair imho. It's free fan advertising for them.

A Bob Marley song I uploaded on another channel as a USB turntable demonstration test was playable but they took monetization. No strike. Can't be played in some countries.

30 second clips of the same song didn't claim a copyright for a month! I actually made about 5 cents off of it before I wasn't allowed to monetize it lol

That's the way the Wild Wild West of YouTube works...or doesn't lol ;
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