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By darthmac
I picked up the Death Star Turbo Laser set this weekend. I've been thinking of building a ERG focus in my collection and I also love DSG's so this set was just made for me, although packaging DSG's and ERG's together makes no sense at all!
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By Paulskywalker
It's just Lego's method of Troop Builder getting different troops out to fans and kids. Also unique characters pop up in unrelated sets, just that their in the same movie; like Krakan in the new B Wing set.
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By Jodo
Tonight I picked up four of those Lego Microfighters for my Toys-For-Tots project I am running in my small group communication class. I was documenting the price of certain items in some stores, and I noticed Target had accidentally priced them for $2.99. All the other similar Lego sets were still $10, but this one wasn't. :!: Now if only they'd stock the Hasbro AT-DP for $8...
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By Jodo
I saw the Eclipse Fighter and StarScavenger last night. Those are two really awesome sets! :shock:

The weird thing is, I had never heard of either thing. I expected they were from Rebels, but apparently they are from a new Lego series/movie on Disney??? The larger set resembles the ship designs from the KOTOR era, which have also been in Rebels, but both these sets apparently hail from this new show.

The more I check out the lego isle, and see all the old (AND NOW VERY EXPENSIVE) sets, the more disheartened I am. This really should have been my focus for all these years. Almost every single design I wanted has been offered through Lego, and they have appreciated in value substantially. I don't purchase things in hopes their value increases, but if I was ever in a pinch that would make me feel better. :|
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By Diddly
Check your Walmarts for clearances! I snagged some Marvel sets on clearance over the weekend but also saw some Star Wars stuff like the TFA TIE Fighter for $49, Resistance Troop Transport for $49, and the Falcon for $109! My store didn't have any of those but yours might?
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By Diddly
I think the Walmart clearances are sadly over, and most of my stores have replaced the retired sets with the new Summer 2017 sets. I was able to score the following over the last month:

- Duel on Naboo for $19.97 (20% off)
- TIE Striker for $35 (50% off)
- Krennic's Shuttle for $54 (40% off)
- Resistance Blue/Grey X-Wing for $59 (20% off)

I also found a Kylo Ren Shuttle (last set I need from TFA) but it was obviously tampered with, plus it weighed about 10 pounds, which isn't normal for a LEGO so sadly I had to pass
By jorsupersid
YAK_Chewie wrote: I saw this set at TRU over the weekend and thought it looked pretty cool.


I think you "MENT" this set :wink:

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