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No, I agree! I just had to add something while I was putting it together.

When I have time I'm actually going to do several different cover photos, so that I can change them out each week. I'm thinking a series of 3 frames or something, with each frame's title faded at the bottom. :)
Awesome!! :-) Thank you! So are the thumbnail images you made going to take you to the site when you click on them?

Darn now I'm getting inspired to work on the site again!

LQ you mean like the randomized frame of the hour I have that takes you to whatever chapter?

If we can get the FB page which will be the marketing portal to the beefy content site popular then maybe it'll have the effect of spurring PN development... I want to see new ones!
You can't make cover photo images link to pages, but I did provide the links to each series in the description, so people will be able to click those and go directly to the chapters. :)

I'm thinking I will do a "chapter spotlight" each week, and then change the cover photo with new frames once a week as well. I'll space them out so there will be a few days between each update. We already have 30 likes, which I'm pretty happy with, considering that the page hasn't been live for long at all. :)

I will also ask Jayson if I can share the new Facebook page on Yakface's social media as well, for a cross promotion. I think that would definitely boost the presence of the website.
30 likes?! That's amazing! I have facebook 'like' buttons on the chapters already and tweet buttons but I don't think anybody ever uses them heh. But if your facebook page is a portal / storefront to the content that is my site, that could change, because why wouldn't it? Why would people like the facebook page but then not actually go read and 'like' the stuff you're showing off?

Some history: when I first began this I had a blogger blog where I picked one frame per day and wrote something about it. I'd schedule 15 of them in advance but still it was exhausting and too time consuming so I abandoned the effort after only 2 or 3 months - and instead used my software development skills (that's my real life job! lol) to automate it with the twitter feed. The reason I'm telling you this is I'm worried that will happen to you as well, just get burnt out after a few weeks or months of manually choosing chapters and posting and all :-) But hopefully not, and maybe after the initial run you can space out to once a week but if it's super popular then hell maybe once a day!
Yeah, I would definitely project that happening! I saw there was a like button on your site, but perhaps we could do a Facebook button that redirect to the FB page, that way if people use the site they could go to the FB page (or vice versa)?

I think you did a great job doing the randomly selected frames feed for Twitter! I wondered if you had a application that scheduled them or how you did it! Thankfully, like your profession and the website, my skills are applicable for the Facebook page. I think I should be able to keep up on it, since that would fall under my job as a public relations practitioner! :mrgreen: I've been an admin on several FB pages now (and still am), so I don't foresee any issues on my end. :)

I'm going to do a couple cover photos with frames this evening. My goal is to have at least three waiting, just in case I wouldn't be able to make one for a busy week or something.
Chapter 4 of Volume 2 of Era of Darkness from Jodo is up!

And the Alliance welcomes Zen Utaru who brings us his Jedi Trials and Dead Among The Living series!
Big update! Waiting for part two of the new Alliance Intelligence chapter before posting but we have: (links)
* Will of The Force - Chapter 11
* Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 of Era of Darkness Volume 2
* Chapter 6 and Chapter 7 of Dead Among The Living
* New series - A Thousand Generations

All great stuff folks, keep em coming! :-)
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