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Hello friends, Peak-OB1 here, just wanted share one of the many projects i have been working on.... How cool would it be to stop for a moment and because we are all fans of star wars, celebrate it in OUR OWN WAY?
Here for the first time, is an idea i have had in the works for some time now, a "KITBASHED 3.75 LINE" of sorts, to celebrate the 40th anniversary.
How cool would it be if Hasbro took existing products and made us "NEW CHARACTERS" that we can be inspired by?
Give me your thoughts on these.
Image ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

A lot of these characters were made with simple headswaps and repaints, would you buy these kinds of figures if they were available at retail outlets?
Because Hasbro isn't producing stuff like this is exactly why I'm getting out of SW collecting. :|
Hasbro used to know how to get mileage out of their sculpts and this
proves it. Its still one of my favorites and is just a simple repaint kit bash.

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