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By Jodo
Darth Vlad's Clone wrote:Walmart usually puts the carded figures on the bottom shelf in my experience. I almost forget to look there since I don't usually buy vehicles.

Same here, and they always look like a terrible scattered mess!!!

Micro machines and Action Fleet were the main thing my childhood friends had, and I will say it was super tempting to get some of those when TFA came out. That's actually the main thing my friend Matt bought on the first Force Friday too. He spent a ton of money that night, and those were what he primarily bought.

Outside of those two lines, I really wish 3.75 scale was the only thing they focused on. The little dumb side things Hasbro produces ALWAYS fail. I can't believe retailers even purchase those auxiliary lines anymore.
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By YAK_Chewie
Raylen wrote:
The MM line existing, or any other product line someone doesn't buy, doesn't tend to impact the 3.75 lines - those will continue to be made regardless of what other lines Hasbro is working on.

I think what Chewy meant was in regards to shelf space, retailers have to decide what they want to carry and a bunch of garbage (Command anyone?) can end up taking peg/shelf space better used for the tried and true lines. On top of that, and I'm just guessing here, there's a certain amount of resources allocated to the brand. The more junk they make, the greater percentage of resources get pulled from developing the 3.75" line. Let's say that 2 molds are made at the cost of $xxxx. And its for two crap items no one wants. That cost could go towards an actual vehicle that people DO want.

Yes, shelf space is supposed to be at a premium, and Hasbro is also putting resources into various other places that seem to be taking away from 3.75.

For what it's worth, I feel the 1990s micro machine stuff was a lot better than the recent offerings... and the "Action Fleet" stuff was much, much better. I wonder how that line would do if they brought it back. Also, when those lines were successful, there wasn't a 6" line that was also competing for consumer dollars.

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By Joosk
I recently sent and email to Hasbro themselves to complain about availability and how some retailers are buying up online stock then turning around to sell on the same site they bought the stock from no name cough cough (Walmart - Toywiz). And how none of the regional stores had any inventory. Here is the response I got.

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us.

We are sorry for the difficulty you have had in obtaining certain Star Wars figures in your area. We strive to produce items to a volume that matches their national popularity. Our manufacturing process allows for all items to be shipped in assortments only.

We regret that you have found dealers or collectors purchasing the large quantities of these products, and that you have been unable to locate the items you are seeking. We hope you understand that we have no control of the inventory once it is shipped to the retailers.

However, we are as concerned as you are about this situation. Please be assured that your comments have been shared with our Marketing and Sales Departments so that they are also aware of your concern.

Again, thank you for taking the time to contact us and for sharing your observations.

Warm regards,

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By Jodo
It's almost like they need some sort of store, like an online toy shop of some sort where they could sell their product directly to fans. A place that they could keep stocked all the time...
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By Raylen
Jodo wrote:It's almost like they need some sort of store, like an online toy shop of some sort where they could sell their product directly to fans. A place that they could keep stocked all the time...

Well they do technically have one, but the "stocked all the time" is where the problem lies. But it think there may be a fear that this could backfire. If they did have a dependable online store more people would purchase there versus at brick and mortar or even online e-tailers. While that may be great for us, it could affect sales at those vendors, meaning less orders. Hasbro depends on not just selling a couple figures here and there direct to us, but selling large volumes to those vendors. See in Hasbro's eyes, all those pegwarmers have already been purchased. Money in the bank. Customers obviously don't want them but they can move large volumes of Zuvios because of the large vendors.
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By StooperZero
If you do anything in this hobby.

do not give any $$$ to ebay/amazon scalpers. You can order/pre-order almost everything on toy sites now vs Oh... $300-600 for Wave 1 or 2 of the 40th figures.

i laughed looking around today, I can get 3 snow troopers or at-at drivers for less than a 40th packaged R2.
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By Raylen
StooperZero wrote:If you do anything in this hobby.

do not give any $$$ to ebay/amazon scalpers. You can order/pre-order almost everything on toy sites now vs Oh... $300-600 for Wave 1 or 2 of the 40th figures.

i laughed looking around today, I can get 3 snow troopers or at-at drivers for less than a 40th packaged R2.

The scalping is ridiculous and I wonder how they manage to make anything. I guess some people have more money than common sense. So many sellers base prices on what everyone else is asking, not SOLD listings.
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By YAK_Chewie
Where does the hobby go from here?

For Target, it appears they have finally given up on the stuff Hasbro sent that won't sell and they are hoping for greener pastures with The Last Jedi... major markdowns on basically everything at my local store tonight... check it out!

^ Hey look, a 40th anniversary figure! Wait, it's Leia. That's right, apparently the only figure that Hasbro produced enough of for retail in this line. She's NOT on clearance, which seems to be a good thing. Maybe Target THINKS there's justification to keep peg space for this as more are on the way... but have they already forgotten that Hasbro doesn't know how to get figures to retail that people want?

^ Wow, the 6" figures are down to under $5.00. Well, I'm still not buying. Why? Because I'm sick of this figure as I feel like I already own 300 of blue coat Cassian because that's how many are hanging on pegs in my area. Great job forecasting demand on this one Hasbro. Much better planning than producing more good army builders, YOU CLEVER DEVILS!

^ Look! A halfway decent 12" figure set! But why is this on clearance? I dunno... maybe if Hasbro had put the MOST POPULAR ASTROMECH DROID OF ALL TIME in this set, more people would have been interested????? Gee... Maybe?????

^ Wait a second... how is that electronic Stormtrooper, which is a copy-cat off of a Disney item on clearance? Didn't Steve Evans brag about how cool it was to have a Stormtrooper that he could swing through the air that would scream? Wait... I think that could be the same guy that is proud of the AT-ACT and I'm pretty sure he thinks NERF is a selling point on vehicles. Sorry, but he's the face of the brand to many of us now and when we first saw these things, most of us could not believe anyone with that level of authority and apparent knowledge of the fan base would want this. Yet they flat out refuse to make playsets. It's beyond absurd and I don't think I could keep a straight face if I were ever to try and defend their nonsense.

^ WHAT??? They're even marking down Hasbro's Holy 5-POA TFA figures! What, already??? This stuff's only been collecting dust for 18 months. What's another year or two in the grand scheme of things? Don't they know Star Wars is FOREVER!?!

^ Now I'm really confused... how did a relatively NEW figure sneak onto the pegs? Well, that's it! Someone's in trouble, dammit! Hasbro's NOT supposed to allow figures past the initial 1-2 waves make it to standard retail. Oh well, at least it made it and is on CLEARANCE as soon as it finally hit the pegs. One can only imagine how THRILLED retailers are with this situation!

What's wrong, don't see something for you? Much more than what I snapped photos of is on 50-75% clearance already, and it's going to surely get marked down even more in the coming weeks! For example, the ultra amazing NERF TIE Defenders and U-Wings are 50% off already! This is yet another success story for Hasbro's retail partners!

Head on over to your local Target store and experience the Star Wars aisle the same way it's been for almost a year, but now with ultra savings for you, while the retailer begins to wonder why they are even carrying this stuff!


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By Trooper31
There's a store here that just put their RO figures on sale (they only got wave 1). They're down to a couple of Jyns and the imperial landing trooper.
However, they still have a bunch of TA figures at full price. It's just ridiculous.

At this point, I think Hasbro should just plan 1 or 2 waves of 5 POA for any film and call it a day. Kids are mostly interested in mains and troopers, but Hasbro overdid the backgrounders for TFA. I think a backgrounder here and there in the 5 POA line is ok, but they shouldn't be packed more than once per case.

I wonder how many of the same vehicles we'll see repacked in the TLJ line this fall.

I really hope the new TVC line is good.
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By Trooper31
Cassian does have some nice gear and all, so if someone wants to customize, that would be a good idea.

However, I feel a lot like Chewie. This guy is everywhere and Hasbro should have put him in the Target 3-pack and the less scene specific Cassian in its place. Due to his uniform being a basic rebel one, people could make a lot of different rebels as oppsoed to the cold-weather gear one.

I just don't get their thinking on Cassian.
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By Diddly
CHEWIE's Target has at least 3 times the stock that my local Target has! The Target near my apartment has 3 6 inch Cassians, 3 6 inch Jyns, a ton of 5POA Resistance Troopers and Goss Toowers, and that's all I ever look at.

As sad as that sounds, Walmart is even worse, as all the stores here either have ZERO figures, or they are still filled to the brims with 4 inch Black Series Poes, Finns, and Endor Hans. Not sure which is worse there.
Target loves to clearance everything, so I don't see it as a sign of impending doom. A purge is actually what the brand needs, so all the TFA and RO items can be cleared out before TLJ, and new SKUs can be used. Action figure and general toy sales aren't what they once were, and the demand for RO related items seems to be a bit lower than TFA, so its not surprising to see toys lingering. The only baffling one is the Death Trooper - though a single figure isn't indication of anything. Now if a Target had cases of RO wave 3 and 4 on clearance and they sat around - that would be a problem.

The bigger issue, for the hobby as a whole, is how the WM 3.75 SA line has been on clearance all year. New waves have shown up and gone straight to the clearance price, which should worry us, not only for upcoming waves - but for when this line ends and TVC 2 begins.
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