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By Imaculata
Whelp, all this director juggling that Disney is doing, is not a very encouraging sign. Still, I'd rather see JJ Abrams at the helm of the last movie again, than Colin Trevorrow. I thought the latter was a terrible choice, and apparently Disney realised this a bit late.

Please don't mess this up Disney. I needs mah Stah Warz.
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By YAK_Chewie
So, I'm taking it by now that you've all seen the new trailer that broke Monday night


Did you all catch the AT-ST's in the hangar? Looks like Hasbro's new First Order version in the Galactic Heroes lineup isn't a "made up" item like I know many were thinking:


...I had forgotten all about that toy, until tonight at Target, I saw it and it hit me that yeah, that's in the trailer too. :)

It's not exactly the same as the ones from the OT, but really close - I wonder if we'll ever see a revamped version of the 3.75" toy or not with a few mods like this?

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By JawaKing
Yeah, I've been worried about the Death Star concept being rehashed YET AGAIN. Strange that Revell and Hasbro keep using images of it on packages. No real way to up the ante on that theme, unless there was a whole armada of them.
Please, no.
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By YAK_Chewie
The First Order is all about copying the Empire... would one more Death Star really be a surprise, or that bad of a theme?

I would say it could be okay - if, and only if it actually brought about doom to the galaxy and in the end of this new trilogy, the First Order is victorious. Or - Luke destroys it through sacrificing himself somehow.

Jodo wrote:The only redemption for the ST would be an Imperial victory and a return to a dictatorship for the galaxy.

I'm tired of business as usual! It's time for heroes to die. ;) :p

That's what will happen. And then, in the Sequel, Sequel Trilogy, the offspring of Rey and Ben Solo will rise up (before they realize that they are cousins or siblings... test tube mates) and bring back Rey to the light side (because Rey turns bad in the ST). Ben will be killed in the first movie of the trilogy over alimony squabbles.
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By Imaculata
I'm loving the trailer, it looks really good. And yeah, there seems to be a lot of misdirection in the trailer. I'm not convinced that the two final shots of Rey and Kylo take place in the same location at all. Rey seems to be sitting inside a cave, with consistent lighting. While Kylo seems to be standing in front of the burning remains of the Jedi Temple, outside, and with flickering lights of the fire. These two seem to be very different locations and scenes that they pasted together to deliberately misdirect us.
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