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First Order Troops
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Solo: A Star Wars Story
By OC47151
Timian is a hired gun, willing to work for whomever pays him the most. He roams the Mid- and Outer Rim worlds seeking work.

Yojimbo and the Man with No Name inspired me for this creation. The body is a TFA Han (minus the winter coat), a Cassian Andor vest and a GI Joe Firefly head. I highlighted the scar on Firefly's head with red and pink paints.
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By Messenger
I've been following this challenge since it started. So many great customs. I thought it only right to contribute something myself. I make custom figures and playsets for my kids, and they often help with the design and stories. Here's our entry to the challenge:

The crew of the Sunfire, freelance smugglers who run weapons and supplies to private clients and members of the Resistance. Wanted by the First Order, this crew has to work hard to stay under the Order's radar.

Aria Withers
Aria is the young captain of the Sunfire, a brave pilot with a knack for negotiation. She has a way of finding clients with the best jobs and the highest pay, keeping her crew busy and rolling in the credits. She also runs supplies for the Resistance, sticking it to the First Order any chance she gets.

Head, Torso, Arms: ROC Cover Girl (dyed)
Scarf: custom
Skirt: TLC Anakin Skywalker skirt?
Legs, Belt: TAC Han Solo (Upper leg shortened and re-attached)
Boots: Dark Woman (Drilled out and attached to legs)

Madeline "Maddie" Withers
Aria's little sister Madeline is bold, fierce, and has a bit of a temper. When a client decides to weasel out of paying for their shipment, the crew sends her to settle up. She's trained herself to wield a purple lightsaber she found floating in a debris field in the Outer Rim, and while she's no Kenobi, she's good enough to take on thugs and the occasional bounty hunter.

Head: Marauders Inc Athena Long hair
Torso: Dark Woman
Upper Arms and Vest: CW Cad Bane
Lower arms: TBS Jyn Erso
Skirt: Dark Woman with custom soft goods
Belt: TBS Lando Calrissian
Legs: ???
Boots: ROTLA Indiana Jones forearms drilled out and attached to the legs
Feet: TBS Jyn Erso

Snowfurro "Snowy"
Snowy has been travelling through the galaxy for over 300 years, so it's not surprising that he knows the fastest way between pretty much any two points in it. He serves as the Sunfire's Navigation expert, plotting the fastest routes with the least amount of First Order entanglement.

Entire Figure: TBS Chewbacca (painted)
Vest: Custom

Doc Hollandaise
Doc Hollandaise is the crew's doctor. In the days of the Rebellion, he served as a field medic, patching up soldiers on the front lines. He serves primarily as a medic on the Sunfire as well, but is not afraid to return fire on hostiles. Apparently there's no hippocratic oath on Iktotch.

Head: ROTS Saesee Tiin
Breather: POTF2 Mynock hunt
Torso: CW Anakin Skywalker (painted)
Vests: TAC Biggs Darklighter Tosche Station
Arms CW Animated Cold Weather Obi-Wan
Hands: KotCS Russian Soldier (dyed)
Belt: TLC Anakin Skywalker? (painted)
Legs: TLC Owen Lars
Medical Bag: Indiana Jones (painted)

R2-22 "Twenty-Two"
Built from scrap astromech parts by two young women with very little experience, Aria and Maddie's droid serves as the ship's mechanic and diagnostician. After twenty-one failed attempts to boot up his processor matrix, they finally got this little guy up and running and now he works as well as any R2 unit off the line.

Entire Figure: Various BAD Parts

Here's a few pics of the crew in action.
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By darthapathy
Welcome Messenger. Nice set of customs. I like your Doc Hollandaise. Made me laugh a bit. Also like the scene where Snowy looks like he is about to beat the Stormtrooper with his own arm.

OC47151 Nice job on Timian and love his backstory
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By darthapathy
Jaret Rylsyn Jaret is a member of the Dirty Mynocks. He is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the gang's swoops. He got this job out of sheer luck. He is a sixth generation mechanic and was enrolled in the prestigious Galactic Institute of Technology. While traveling on vacation, the cruise ship had to make an emergency landing on Stessa III. While wandering about the spaceport, he had a run in with the Dirty Mynocks. While he was almost beat up by the gang, he noticed that Valdo Kurr's bike was running a bit choppy. He said he could not only fix it but make it better if they would let him live. From that day on, he's been a Mynock

Body, including upper arms-Luke Skywalker (TLC Comic pack)
Head-Jarek Sunbar (TLC Comic Pack)
Forearms-Darth Sidious (Evolutions)
008 (2).JPG
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By darthapathy
Kennek's Crew Also sometimes known as Kennek's Crime Crew, this group of shipjackers ply the spacelnes relieving spaceports and unsuspecting victims of their ships.
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009.JPG (64.95 KiB) Viewed 3605 times
By OC47151
Kirven is a second-rate slicer who's been able to eek out a living in the depths of Coruscant's underworld.

The body is a Han Solo, the arms are from a Bespin Solo. The jacket is from TLJ hermit Luke (love that coat). The head is from the Bala Tik figure, and the satchel from my goody bin.
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By OC47151
Renko is a petty criminal who roams Tatooine's wasteland, doing whatever it takes to survive...including killing.

The body is a moisture vaporator Luke. The robotic arm is from a CW Anakin. The head is from a Marvel figure; sorry, don't remember which one. The robe is from one of the Prince of Persia figures.
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By OC47151
Final figure is a 'what if' figure. What if Ben Solo went into the family business of smuggling and didn't follow Uncle Luke and the Jedi path? Here's my interpretation of it.

The body is Cassian Andor with a random alien gun belt added in. The lightsaber, fortunately, had a small ring on the end, and I used a paperclip to attach it to the gun belt.
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By Messenger
Thanks for the kind words Utinniii, darth_sidious, and darthapathy. My 4 year old (Maddie) was especially thrilled to see her action figure mentioned by name. I've been debating joining the forums for a while. Glad I did. I may try to put up a new thread with some of my other stuff if I get the time.

@darthapathy: I like Kenneck's Crime Crew. I like the guy in the repurposes Stormtrooper armor. Is the helmet removable?

@OC47151 Cool stuff. I especially like the Ben Solo. I've been trying to find uses for the 6+ TBS Cassian Andors outside of just head-swap rebel soldiers. This gave me some new ideas. Thanks.
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By YAK_Chewie
Mass Sleyebo - Custom fan fic alien criminal for Yakfinities #69


head - Men in Black figure
eyeballs - Chewbacca bowcaster
hands - Men in Black figure
rest - TVC Kithaba

Laja Dins - Custom fan fic alien criminal for Yakfinities #69


Head - TAC Po Nudo
hands - TVC Rebel Endor Trooper
legs - TAC Pax Bonkik
rest - TBS TFA Han Solo

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By Lance Quazar
Man, this is an absolutely spectacular turnout! I wish I had time to make some entries.

What I absolutely love are the entries with two, three, four and even five characters as part of a "crew."

LOVE THAT. I want to see photonovels with all of these amazing groups! Get on that, folks, all of these amazing characters deserve to have their stories told!!! Seeing all these rag-tag teams absolutely fires the imagination. Awesome, awesome stuff!
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By mousedroidhoojib
Ralph McQuarrie concept art for the character who eventually became known as the criminal Greedo featured a longer almost bird-like snout, drooping ears and more hair than what would appear on screen in A New Hope. If coupled with a jumpsuit in the style of the vintage Kenner figure of the character, Greedo could have turned out very differently.


Reference, recipe and turnaround animation can be found in my customs thread.
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