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Thank you, guys!
Haven't updated for a while, a lot of work around Christmass :)
First - my humble participation in the current Yakfinities - DROIDS.
A repaint of R2 and 3PO from the Clone Wars line, I wanted them to resemble the OT look.


And here's how he looked before:


Second - some kind of Imperial Assasin Droid, cobled together from a lot of parts I had available. I liked the shiny black look, but unfortunately the paint didn't dry well, so he has changed since then and I'll post his new look when he is upgraded.



I have a few more repaints on the way, stay tuned :)
Darth_Cain wrote:That assassin droid is cool. Really dig the look. I recognize a few of the parts, but what is the base figure?

Thanks, not sure myself, he's been made by parts I had lying around. The body must be that of Saga 1 or 2 Ep2 C-3PO, (no articulation in the waist, slight tilt to one side), the legs are BAD, the arms are BAD, too, but the right one is made from the upper arm of YVH-1 and his lower leg, modyfied into a blaster-firing arm with the help of some greeblies, while the left is from HK-50. The head is a Jango Fett helmet with Cato Parasiti's mask in the front and the rangefinder used as a crest/fin on top and some other modifications. I plan to repaint him and add some chest armour from TFA add-on parts. Maybe even some soft goods. Hope to finish him soon.
Next is my repaint/weathering of Weazel from the Vandor 1 pack. He had a very clean and plastic look, while in the movie all of the members of Enfys Nest's gang were quite weathered and dirty. I also replaced his rangefinder's stem with a metal one. His big weapon is somewhere in a box, waiting to be repainted, too... So much detail popped-up! Now I see I have to add some color to his shoes...


And after:

Thanks, and here are my two Rangetroopers with updated paintjob. I tried to make them more uniform - added weathering to the 5 POA one and removed some of the dirt from the TVC. Worked on the blast marks and other battle damage and repainted the magnetic boots and the leg armor. Both are great figures! As usual, forgot to take pics of the "before" look :)

Thanks a lot, Chewie, the new 5 POA figures have great sculpts, I have a lot of fun trying to bring out their potential by repainting them :)
Here are the Scarif Troopers from the 5 POA line which I repainted. The Squad Leader is just weathered and scratched. On the Captain, on the other hand, besides the weathering, I tried again what I've previously done with the Rogue 1 Stormtrooper and Deathtrooper - changing the arms position so they're not always"at attention". I cut the elbows, repositioned the arms and on the left just glued, while on the right inserted a wire and sculpted over with Fixit a new elbow. On the wrists I used plastic toothpicks that work well as pins so the wrists are swivelling. I made the right elbow swivelling, too, so the trooper can sport a few poses and is not so boring. I think it's not that expensive for Hasbro to give us at least that simple articulation so we can have a bit of variety...





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