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01. Death Star (Detention Block, Trash Compactor, Hallways, Tractor beam, Bridge, Conference Room, Throne Room, Elevator, Cannon Tower, Garbage Chute, TIE Hanger, Hallways, Hangar Control Room, Weapon Observation Room, Chasm)
02. Chalmun's Cantina (Bar, alcove, bandstand)
03. Cloud City (Carbon Freeze Chamber, Gantry, Hallways, Dining Hall, Control Chamber, Torture Chamber, Junk Room with Incinerator, Apartment, Room where Threepio gets Shot)
03. Echo Base (Hangar, Trench, Shield Generator, Ion Cannon, Wampa Cave, Med Center, Command Center)
03. Jabba's Palace (Gate, Dungeon, Droid Torture Chamber, Dais, Audience Chamber, Rancor Pit and Chute, BBQ Pit)
06. Emperor's Throne Room
07. Coruscant (Jedi Council Chamber, Chancellor's Office, Outlander Club, Dex's Diner)
08. Star Destroyer Bridge and Pit Deck
09. Ewok Village
10. Dagobah (Yoda's Hut, Dark Side Cave, Swamp, Training Area)
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