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By johnmorog
darthvlad wrote:Nice job on Maron Namony. Love the look... would love to learn how to make custom clothing someday. The way the helmet is sitting on him reminded me of the helmets of the Visitor Shocktroopers from V back in the day and how I wish they would have had a line of figures from that show especially the shuttlecraft/fighter.

I love the story of GNK-O. She looks like she'd fit in on Kessel. I love the design, too.

Thanks! The cloth upper part was a lot less difficult than I thought (plus it's just superglue, no sewing). I have a pattern for a good tunic I'll have to scan sometime. I finally got an officer's cap for him, but I did like how the visor sat so low :)

Evilivo wrote:Well, that's strange, I saw that Mudtrooper officer and thought I commented on him. Did you show him in any Facebook group? He is a pretty cool character and your custom is superb! The muddy paintjob on the coat is quite good.
The droid is fun, reminds me a bit of a post office box :) Clever use of parts here.

Yup, I posted him in a Star Wars custom group and in the "3 & 3/4 inch action figure community" group. lol I can see that!

Utinniii wrote:Great Gonk (and other creations). I had a bunch I wanted to do but didn't have time for.
It looks like it would fit in the SW universe. I like your color choice as well.
I had the same idea for the legs, but for a different style of droid) that I'm hoping to finish before December ends.
I also borrowed your tank tread idea for a recent project.

I saw those treadwells in the yakfinities thread. they are among my favorite submissions thus far! I have two more droids I have almost finished and I hope to get them done before the yakfinities ends as well...
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By johnmorog
Posted in the buy/sell section, too but sometimes I think stuff there goes overlooked...

Looking for the following 3.75" parts for customs to buy/trade for:
TVC Fordo phase 1 helmet OR 30th (TAC) red clone officer helmet x2
TVC/tbs clone head x2
TVC Kithaba bandolier (CHECK, got it)
Tvc fordo bandolier x2 OR fordo bandolier x1 and fordo shoulder pauldron x1
Capt needa/scanning crew officer/tvc at-at commander arms
TVC endor commando arms
navy commander torso and legs (can be missing arms)
Rebel Honor guard arms
TAC Biggs (not pilot) arms

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Please see above post for some parts I'm looking out for. Posted in the for sale and trade area of the forums too.

As promised, here are the elite brothers, Captain Arcad (orange pauldron), "Duo" (vertical pouches), and "Musket" (the one with the musket....). Here they are under the command of Lieutenant Maron Namony, and "that grunt who survived" in the background.
Here is a photo of the AT-DT I repainted also:
Yautjaclanleader wrote:The Walker looks sick! Just need to see it airdrop and slosh into the mud and we'll have a badass scene right there! 8)
YAK_Chewie wrote:Agreed, excellent paint job on the walker.


Thanks! Here are some more close up photos. Panel lining the entire thing was actually very fun, and I like how the mud turned out. Thanks for the compliments!
Lox Padarco got riled up during a sensitive conversation with Saelt Marae. Yakface remained calm as Lox rambled on threateningly giving Yakface all the info he wanted...
This custom started back when we were doing the droids challenge with the legs. I loved how those legs fit with the pants. That's as far as I got lol. Then I decided to put some more pieces together and finished this up just this last week.

head/hands: VTSC Greedo
lower leg: 4-lom
Upper legs: TBS Mosep Bineed
Torso: Was from the fodder box. I want to say it was the green rebel fleet trooper from a comic pack
Upper arms: TCW Anakin
Lower arms: 30th Galactic marine
Cybernetic collar: TVC Snoke
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