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By YAK_Chewie

Now that we are seeing Hasbro dipping into photo real tech for 3.75" figures, what are your thoughts?

Do you like what you see so far, and how do you think this may influence your purchasing habits? Will you be more inclined to "re-purchase" earlier figures that are released again with the updated applied to their faces?

By DarthParallax
Hasbro always has refined their figures over the years , and it's been nice to see. I remember back in 95 the first luke they did was dubbed He-Man Luke because of his muscles. Then not too far after the came with a more "proportionate" Luke (guess that's right term) which looked more spot on for the time and I was pretty happy with how it looked too. So it's nice seeing them once again retooling these figures for higher end scans and sculpting. I mean Leia's face looks spot on almost in that picture.

Not being so mucah as a line completest as I was back in the day i'm sure I'll grab the ones that look the best out of them along with ones making their first appearance to the 3 3/4 line for sure.
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By darth_sidious
I think in some cases its an upgrade, but with others, it frankly makes the figure look odd. Almost like everyone is wearing blurry makeup. Its probably better suited for larger scales. It doesn't warrant a re-purchase for my collecting needs - after so many years of collecting, I cant buy minor changes to a face when the sculpt is the same. I look forward to seeing it on NEW figures / characters to judge whether it looks better than the tradition deco.
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By Jodo
If the paint apps look super good I will upgrade some figures. My main concern is that their faces aren’t too pixilated. The Jurassic figures suffer from that, or the prints aren’t on the sculpt straight either. If they aren’t printed on the figures in the right place it doesn’t help that they are now more detailed.
By frosty
I quite like the new tech on the faces, long as everything lines up correctly it shouldn't be a problem, han in stormtrooper gear looks ace with it, already rebought Leia boushh, that one is an improved figure over the black series one, and I will probably rebuy a few more, depends how they look
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By Jodo
I have three of these now, and I’m honestly not entirely happy with them. I wondered if, like the Jurassic World line, they’d be too pixelated. Also, the issue of them printed the face on properly came to mind.

Overall, I think Leia’s looks really good. Lando is a bit wonky, and just seems a bit off. Han’s face is by far the worst. The sculpt isn’t the best on that one anyway, but it looks more like modern art than Harrison Ford.



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