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By Jedi_Master
I enjoyed the celebration. This was my first one, and also my first time trying to collect a puzzle patch. In the end, I ended up very disappointed in patch trading. I was not able to be in the room whenever the final 6th piece of the puzzle was given out. I now have 5 of the 6 pieces which is hugely disappointing. If anyone has an extra please let me know. I would like to complete this puzzle. It's the one with the celebration 2019 logo. It's the one area of the celebration where I did not enjoy myself. Hoping someone can help out. I will have some old 70's era goodies for anyone who can lend a hand.
Jedi_Master wrote:Imperialofficer. Didn't find you today at w476 at 4:30. Do you have the patch or the celebration piece? What do you want in trade? I'll be at celebration tomorrow in case you can meet.

No, I wasn't able to get the patch. I was so busy that I forgot. Sunday was my only day and there was just too much to do.
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By Jedi_Master
I'm still looking for the last (6th) piece of the darth maul puzzle patch offered by the online forums. If anyone has an extra - please contact me so I can finish my patch. I really wanted one of these, and am hoping someone out there has extras. I am willing to trade or purchase. Just contact me and we can make a deal. Thanks!
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By Jedi_Master
Okay, I'm still looking for the 6th puzzle patch piece from this year's celebration. I'm willing to trade a Yakface and a Star Wars Action News patch piece for the 6th piece - which has "Star Wars Celebration" on it. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks!

By stocos28
My family and I went Thursday to Sunday. We honestly left a bit disappointed. I've been to several cons of all sorts and wasn't very impressed. But...I did meet Forrest Whitaker so that was cool.
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