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you heard it here first. 6 inch black series such as rex, revan, saban, etc, will be worth maybe $5-$8 each in about 1 month. hasbro has so much crap still in their warehouses. post here if you find any. I found 48 rex's this morning. all those full cases of one figure will be dumped at discount stores.
I picked up the Luke in Stormtrooper outfit at Target today. Must have just opened a case of them because there were 7 more on the shelf. Also grabbed an Imperial Death Trooper for 10 bucks from Tuesday Morning next door. And the Leia and R2 Forces of Destiny set for 15 for my daughter. Not a bad day of hunting.
The V-Stock store near my house (South County Mall) had these, and quite a few other new 6" figures yesterday, including the new Archive wave.


I passed on them all - they looked nice, but I'm not really interested in much of the latest 6" offerings. I need to stick to mostly pure OT for this line, and $24.99 plus tax is just too much.

Just got back from a long trip to visit my parents and opened up my Ezra, Dr. Aphra and Chopper Black Series figures. All are great pieces. Also had a Praetorian Guard that I got off ebay waiting for me. Needed him to add to my Snoke throne room display.
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