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UKHistory wrote:I am shocked and thrilled. Cantina, mos Eisley, Death Star, cloud city and more are possible.

This is a great thing to see.

They should do a Death Star throne room next with a SA Emperor and Imperial Dignitary Sim Aloo, and they'd be knocking out the other top OT characters that ranked highly on the Fans Choice Poll.
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By darthvlad
This looks nice and I'm in for one. The price is right as well. The figure choice is a bit odd to me. I think it would have made more sense to put Boushh and Han than Ree Yees and Han, but they'll be available either way.

And I hope these sell well (I think they will) so we can get Cantina alcoves with 1-2 denizens, the bar area released in a couple pieces with seats. The DS Throne room also sounds good. There's a lot of ways Hasbro could go with this.
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By YAK_Chewie
I think they might have chosen to have Leia be available outside this set rather than Ree Yees as a selling point for the new photoreal tech they are using, as people who see the Leia in person might be more inclined to pick it up. Who knows though for sure. If Ree Yees was single carded I'd probably want a few though so I wish he was available outside the set. That Han really should be getting a new head sculpt too rather than that awful version they are using.

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By darthvlad
I get that. Leia's more recognizable and more potential sales than a background character, but it just fits the scene that's all.

Of course, they could have put in a new Amanaman or as someone somewhere suggested, Cane Addis.
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By YAK_Chewie
My set arrived today. Nice thing to toy around with when recovering from a painful root canal. :D

I snapped a few quick pics:






Hasbro, you hit a home run here. This is fantastic, and probably not very expensive to make either (little assembly, which they indicate is a serious cost of labor). Plus collectors get two carded TVC figures. A diorama esque playset and well needed TVC figures... something for everyone. Oh, and Walmart actually packed mine well. Pretty shocked on that.

Great look and feel for Jabba's palace - I hope they continue with many, many more sets like this one. For $50, it's perfect. Captures the essence of what so many of us have been begging them to do for so many years now. On the Han, I did swap out the head with the Target photo real Stormtrooper Han.

With this, and the GTP toys space walls... wow. What a turn the hobby has taken in terms of diorama potential.

Keep it up, Hasbro. And we'll keep buying.

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By darthvlad
YAK_Chewie wrote:My set arrived today. Nice thing to toy around with when recovering from a painful root canal. :D

First, sorry about the root canal. At least this will take your mind off the discomfort/pain for a while.
Second, WTF is my set, Walmart? I'm clearly disappointed/frustrated that there's been no communication as to whether I'm getting one or when it will be as I've heard some people have been getting cancelled. All I'd like is a little explanation, especially when I was given an expected delivery date when I ordered the first day it was offered.

YAK_Chewie wrote:On the Han, I did swap out the head with the Target photo real Stormtrooper Han.

Is it an easy swap? I was thinking about this earlier since that Carbonite Han head is wonky-eyed and has a poor likeness.
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By Jodo
I am avoiding any non-work related websites for this week (especially social media), but just had to share how much I love this set. It’s perfect. Anything like this that they produce I will buy multiples of.




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