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By Jodo
It honestly surprises me they didn’t immediately announce at least the first 12 figures altogether. I wonder if they will announce wave 2 and 3 at SDCC and Celebration.
By DarthParallax
Jodo wrote:It honestly surprises me they didn’t immediately announce at least the first 12 figures altogether. I wonder if they will announce wave 2 and 3 at SDCC and Celebration.

Hoping for a Kenobi maybe :)
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By darth_sidious
The release for this line was a bit botched, they really should have planned it out better. Many stores only received two cases, which could easily vanish with a single purchase. I've already seen multiple reports of these being hoarded - people going store-to-store, and clearing the stock. The store I checked didn't have anything out for this street dated release, but a nice employee walked up to me and asked if I was looking for anything. She found it easily, but it was in the back. I only picked up Leia & Luke - the others didn't really interest me. I never owned this pair as a kid, because ANH figures weren't on pegs when I was buying them. Overall, I think they're cool without a doubt, but the cards were bent inside the shipping box and after looking closer, the deco wasn't great on either of them. Leia was the most noticeable, as her eyebrows weren't centered properly, lol. I'll be keeping them carded until I spot more at retail, to see if later releases look better. Usually Target is great about exclusives - didn't hit the mark this time. Other than the very helpful employee, I was slightly disappointed - they should have been stocked with more to go around - I don't see how demand will be met.
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By darth_sidious
I spotted the Father's Day display at another store, and sure enough, the Retro line was on the pegs, so I picked up another Luke & Leia, this time with better deco. Like the first two I bought, these also had slightly bent / warped cardbacks - not a big deal as an opener, but I do want to save the cards. I opened them, and they certainly look and feel like Kenner figures. Its great to own mint versions of figures I wanted as a kid, but that were never on the pegs when I was buying them in the mid 80s. I look forward to seeing the line continue, and hopefully Hasbro explores new characters and the rare releases. Having opened them, I only have one concern - my Leia figure has a very tight neck, it barely moves and I'm afraid if I force it, I'll break it. Has anyone else experienced this?
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By darth_sidious
Yeah, she can hold the blaster without any issues, I can even pull at it and it stays in her hand. I've seen the problem mentioned elsewhere, and I think the grip is loose on some figures. I guess if mine can hold a blaster, I shouldn't expect the head to rotate, right? Always something. lol
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By Utinniii
I'm not sure if this is news, but I saw the retro figures at TRU today for $12.99. Just a heads up. I lingered over a Stormtrooper but put him back.
I have Leia on BO at Amazon and she is the only one I want unless they make the Jawas.
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By Utinniii
So I went back to take a picture of the Retro figures. I got yer back Jack!


As you can see, we have the same stock you have in the USA.

I went to the second TRU to see if they had some, and saw this which I didn't know had reached Canada. IDK if this is notworthy.


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