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"Z-95 Headhunter" by Bad Batch Customs

When Bad Batch Customs started this project, we had no idea we would eventually be working on it ourselves. It all started when Bad Batch finished their LAAT-C. As soon as they wrapped the project, they asked for some input on what to tackle next. I chimed in that if you are going to make a Clone Wars vehicle it had to be the vehicle we all begged Hasbro for, but never received...the Z-95 Headhunter. Bad Batch didn't back down from the challenge and got to work. Their fearlessness is admirable. Like all their previous projects, we got to watch the build as it progressed from its earliest stages; straight through to its completion. We watched the LED lights get installed, and the magnets get attached to the landing gear. We observed panels being cut from plastic Chinese food containers, and some Bondo applied to smooth out the lines. We just gazed on as we watched this labor of love take shape.

"PHASE II CLONE PILOT - HAWK" created by Elias of "Customs for the Kid"

When the project was nearing completion, Bad Batch asked Elias if he could make a "Clone Pilot Hawk" to man the ship's controls and sit in its cockpit. Elias got right to work and had the figure completed 24 hours later. We shipped Hawk off in the mail right away to his final resting place at the home of Bad Batch Customs. We just love how this project turned out, and we can't wait for you to lay your eyes on it. It was so much fun to be a part of. So, without further ado, hit that play button on the video below and take in all the eye candy!

"Max Rebo Organ Speaker Add-On"
painted by Darth Daddy


With many collectors now receiving their Jabba Sail Barges, we thought it would be a good time to let you all know about a way to enhance the instrument for your Max Rebo action figure with this cool 3-D printed accessory. For some reason, Hasbro left the speaker to Max Rebo's organ off of the instrument when it was released as a toy in stores. Star Wars customizer IzzyMel45, designed a 3-D printed version of the speaker that can be purchased on Shapeways and shipped to your home. We highly recommend purchasing one if you feel your Jabba display looks naked without it. Click the link below to order!
This figure was a team effort to bring to life. Dad modified the head and body of the figure, while I sculpted on her collar and painted her face and vest. The body we used to make her was from the Star Wars "Dark Horse: Infinites" Action Figure Comic 2-Pack, with the "White Vader and Princess Leia (Sniper)". After we sanded off the pockets below the shoulders on the Sniper body, we cut the circular braid off of the figure and fused it to the head of the Black Series - "Princess Leia Organa" action figure. The soft plastic part of the dress from the Black Series figure was then modified with scissors to make the vest for the new figure. After some minor sculpting and a fresh coat of paint, we added a very much desired figure to the collection and we just love the way she looks.

created by Customs for the Kid




Plenty more pictures on the blog:
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Thank you both! We have wanted this version of Leia ever since the 6" version was released.

This one I have procrastinated on for years now, but finally got it finished.

created by Darth Daddy




Dad has wanted to add the Clone Wars version of Saw Gerrera to the collection for a long time now. So much so that he took it into his own hands to make it happen. The head was originally a modified Clone Wars Anakin Skywalker that Dad completely re-sculpted to more closely assemble Saw's animated persona. Dad borrowed the lower legs from the same figure and completely changed their appearance with Geen Stuff and Aves Fixit to mirror Saw's onscreen look. The arms, hands, waist and thighs were from the Clone Wars Quinlan Vos action figure. Of course those were heavily The upper part of his torso was fabricated from the top of the Clone Wars Phase II Clone Trooper. In the end though, this ended up being a 100% sculpted action figure since all the parts used were only a base on which Dad built onto.

Once Dad started Saw, I just had to make a Steela. The legs are from the Clone Wars Padme, the forearms and hands are from a Cato Parasitti. The rest of the figure was a Clone Wars Aura Sing. From there I just sculpted in everything that needed to be there.

We just loved adding this brother/sister set to our collection. Their appearance on our shelves was long overdue!



created by Elias


created by Darth Daddy

Wonderful work as always. The sculpting at that scale that you guys do is astounding. I must say, I like Steela a tich more than Saw. Dare I say the apprentice is surpassing the master? ;) The hair, bandana and smoothness of the paint really set her over the top for me.
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