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Yakinities #72 - Vote on the theme!

Desert Dwellers
First Order Forces
Kit Bashed Vehicles
Imperial Scavengers
Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy
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By Starchaser
Thanks so much. Yeah, I liked his design too. Chewie did do a really nice version of him using parts from Ellis Helrot and other figures. This is my "interpretation." I recognize it's not screen accurate as I went for a truer red in the secondary layer of clothing rather than the more orange color of the movie, but it is easier (and cooler!).

I was really amazed how closely the coloring between the Naboo pilot coat and Sarco Plank ' s hood matched.
There are some awesome custom entries in the contest so far! What an interesting topic.

Shasa Tiel



Shasa Tiel can be found in the scene when Luke pulls the skiff guard blaster on Jabba and subsequently dropped into the rancor pit. Shasa was an accountant for SoroSuub corporation and eventually turned to crime working for Jabba the Hutt. She was also aboard the Khetanna during the Battle of the Great Pit of Carkoon.
Following the Republic's defeat at the Battle Of Sarrish, Clone Commando CC-5576-39 aka Gregor suffered from amnesia and ended up on the Outer Rim desert world of Abafar. While working as a dishwasher at the Power Sliders diner, Gregor was discovered by Colonel Meebur Gascon and the D-Squad who helped him regain his memory.


Reference, recipe and turnaround animation can be found in my customs thread
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By YAK_Chewie
So many great entries so far. Wow, very enjoyable to scroll through these.

Here's a few that I wrapped up for this, I hope to have a couple more ready to post soon.

Desert Witch - Maybe she's a nightsister, but has made a cave on Tatooine her home...?


head - Movie Heroes nightsister
rest - TVC Rey (Jakku)

Mongo Beefhead - This guy has been on the backburner for a couple years and this customizing challenge had me finish him up. I have gone back and forth trying to find a way to put him together think I finally I have made a "modern" version of this character that feels right to me. I know he doesn't have eyes - I think I prefer him this way. He's gonna be on Jabba's Sail Barge.


head - Walking Dead well walker guts
hands - Geonosian Warrior
necklace - Hiya Toys Alien figure
rest - TVC Yak Face

Desert Hell Hound - I just repainted it with dry brushing technique and made the meat bone look more yucky


creature - Ghostbusters dog thing
bone - SAGA Wampa deluxe set

By UKHistory
The green guy on the left will be my official addition. But showing the effective use of Jurassic park dino arms add a more possibilities to your figure options

The green guy, will provide a backstory later, is made from space precinct head, stargate movie body, and Jurassic park Dino arms.
By sam1
So many remarkable entries this round. I don't have the sculpting and tailoring talents of most of you, so here is remarkably unremarkable and lazy entry. Just simple head swaps, but I've never used these ToD bodies before. Because they have a 20th century tropical India vibe, I could see some of them dwelling in a desert.
By Redfivecp
This is my first time entering a custom for this so I did something simple, just a few head swaps and washes. I did dye the tusken robes with some thinned acrylic paint.
In my mind these are the guys that hit the Sandcrawler and the Lars Homestead.
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By SpecialKman
I don't spend a lot of time on here but you might have seen my previous work on various FB SW customizing groups. Here's my Enfy's Nest gang i made in Jan. of this year.
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By Starchaser
Some excellent customs!
CHEWIE- I think the Mongo Beefhead is fun (really odd, but fun - never did understand that concept), and I really like the Desert Hell Hound (could be a beast from Dxun).

The Aki Aki are great, and what a quick turn around from our first glance. Kudos!

I really like the group entries as well - very creative, especially the Tusken Raiders in stormtrooper armor. The Enfys Nest gang is really well done also.

I add an entry, Kariste Nesirra, a Twi'lek scavenger (in my mind Ryloth will always be desert, so I appreciate that Clone Wars included a desert portion to the planet):


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