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So I think I may dabble with a Star Wars collection in addition to my AVP stuff. I'm looking to collect enough stormtroopers and such to make a light Reconnaissance Unit (basically AT-ST plus infantry who clear the way/scout enemy positions prior to an AT-AT showing up).

Here's my custom painted AT-ST:


Cockpit interior:

AT-ST and Fireteam:
YAK_Chewie wrote:Excellent painting and weathering on the AT-ST. Totally brings it to life.

The trooper squad also looks great.


Thank you! It's amazing what paint can do for these figures/vehicles... they are amazing sculpts! The paint applications are usually really crappy... and I can't understand why? The detail is there, they just need to give it the paint job needed.

I'm slowly building up my Stormtrooper Unit... I just have trouble finding rebel troops to combat them. Any suggestions for where to find or how to build custom ones? I know you've made many, many customs in your day. I'm trying to find local shops that sell Star Wars figures as buying them from Ebay and the like gets very expensive over time. :/
Lance Quazar wrote:DAMN! Incredible work, the painting is absolutely top notch. These look absolutely fantastic.

Thanks for the kind words! I'm very pleased how these have turned out so far... I guess I have a talent for more than just AVP stuff.

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