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I literally just today was touching up my console. Had some trouble with the spray paint a while back and went over it by hand today to fix a few issues (now that I have the Han Stormie to go with it.)

The detention walls are phenomenal!

Are you going to make star destroyer windows? How many other SD parts are you planning?

Everything looks phenomenal!!! WOW.
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By Raylen
I'm working on making the window wall of the little side alcove right now. I thinking people will eat it up just as-is cause it will make a great backdrop. Even lining a couple up side by side.
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By Raylen
New items! Detention Center Lobby parts and Barrels for 6" scale figures. Don't forget that 6" products have been moved to their own page awhile back.

dio det cen complete set.JPG

dio det cen wall sensors.JPG

dio barrel 6in and trooper.JPG
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