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I just noticed cuz I work with many types of cables and devices being a electronic musician. If not I'd have no idea what I was doing (but that's still debatable :wink:)

The vaporator is for 6" scale hence its enormity, but still displays well with 3 3/4.

Glad you like the "gonks" too
They're some of my favorites to make.
I enjoy these new items, too. Great work. I love the detail and the craftsmanship in what you've done with the buildings and vaporator. I wish I had time and space to design and build figures and places (as well as display them).

And I really need to paint my droids, too. I've got too much going on trying to finish my story, which I'm aiming to finish by the end of the year. Just three chapters to go.
WOW!!! That is one fantastic diorama. It looks so life like you'd think it was a picture of an actual sewer system. Now all you need to do is figure a way to mass produce this bad boy and sell it to those of us that are less talented (like me) :wink:

Seriously though, I can't wait to see it in your photonovel and what's lurking down there.
This dio is absolutely spectacular!!! WOW!

i tried making dios out of blue foam board years ago after hearing so much about it online.

But the stuff didn't cut very well. I'd use an exacto knife to make contours and cuts, as you've done here, but it would always make tears in the foam perpendicular to the cuts. Looked terrible and I couldn't figure out how to avoid it - tried many different tools, thickness, etc.

is it the diference between the blue and pink versions? Dunno. I've seen modelers using blue stuff a lot. It was very annoying and made me abandon some projects I was working on....
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