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Yakinities #72 - Vote on the theme!

Desert Dwellers
First Order Forces
Kit Bashed Vehicles
Imperial Scavengers
Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy
By jaghearse
Thank you so much UKHistory.
Ye, I think 6 figures all in.
The hair is sculpted onto the Last Crusade knight's head. I rushed it a bit but it gives him enough character I think.
Here are my first couple of entries, with many more on the way.

Quarren Skiff Guard - Made from a GI Joe HEAT Viper and TLC Quarren Warrior head and hands.


Desert Scrap Worm - These worms feast on the hulls of crashed ships, however recently some of them have begun to lay their eggs in working ships, causing new variations to pop up all over the galaxy. 3D Printed on my Ender 5.


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By Utinniii
Lady Valarian's Enforcers

Blairez thought she had it made since he won a junky Ugly in a Sabbac game. She was finally free of Jakku. She thought her days as a hyperdrive waste extractor were over and longed to start a better life someplace beautiful like Naboo.

The Lucky Despot Casino was anything but lucky for her and she now finds herself stranded in yet another hot hellhole, indebted to Lady Valarian.

Lady Valorian sent a trio of her enforcers to "remind" Blairez of her debt and to collect her so she can scrub some toxic and irradiated shipments Lady Valorian has stashed away somewhere.


Blairez is a soldier body repainted with a custom head (early attempt at a Marvel AIM soldier)

Shorty is a repainted Dollarama Dwarf figure with a cast gammie head.
Rendaar is a True Heroes troll. I will replace his head with a cast one once it cures.
The third gammie is there to show scale. He will eventually be replaced with a Hulk body and gammie head.
By OC47151
Ketwol the Pacithhip had fallen on bad luck. After the events of ANH, he opened a small shop in Mos Eisley where he sold odds and ends and brokered information.

Used the Ketwol figure and painted the torso and his legs. The jacket is a dyed Naboo pilot jacket. The beret is made from Green Stuff.
ketwol 2.JPG
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Ketwol 1.JPG
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By OC47151
Terjel is one of Saw Guerra's fierce partisans.

Used an Ugnaught body. The waistband is from the Zuckuss figure. The head is from the Weazel figure, just weathered.
Terjel 1.JPG
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terjel 2.JPG
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By OC47151
Confession: I had this guy in the works before RedfiveCp. I went a different route. Used the tusken raider body and placed the stormie helmet on the body
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By BatuuNative81
Good Evening!
This is my first post in Yakfinities, so I focused my energy of creating the Cast of my Kenobi:A Star Wars Story dream project. I plan on elaborating more in the forum at a later time
First up of Course is Obi-Wan Kenobi. Portrayed by Ewan MacGregor. The Body is from Pilot Obi-Wan from E3, with arms from VC AOTC Obi-Wan Kenobi. His skirt is from Qui Gon Jinn and the waist is from Comic Pack Obi-Wan I wrapped up his boots with leather strips and gave him gloves from Bom Vimdin. I gave him a combat scarf and back pack with googles.

Kenobi has taken to Rambling around Tattooine between Episodes 3 and 4. He still looks after Luke from afar between his Knight Errant quest of contemplating the secrets of the Force given to him by Qui Gon Jinn.


Next is A'Sharad Hett- Portrayed by Arnold Vosloo. A'Sharad is the Secret Apprentice body and legs with Kylo Ren Arms and Zartan's head from Gi-Joe. The Cloak is from VC Darth Maul and the Belt is from Order 66 Anakin Skywalker. the Bandolier is from the TBS Tusken Raider. Lightsaber is from Aayla and Shoto is from Yoda and Darth Maul.

I modified his story so that he can be the Antagonist to Obi-Wan Kenobi. A'Sharad is gathering the Tusken Nations to him after the recent assassination of his Father. A'Sharad becomes a symbol of Obi Wan's guilt over Anakin's fall to the Dark Side


Finally for this installment there is Owen Lars. Owen is a merging of Legacy Owen Lars and the Comic Pack Owen Lars. I added the PT likeness of Joel Edgerton so that he would play him in th Kenobi Movie. His costume is pretty close to what we last saw him in ROTS




Enjoy and May the Force Be With You.....Always.......
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By EndorJunkie
I've been crazy busy, but I was able to finish up one more before the contest ended. I call him Ceebo. He is a Rodian pickpocket living on the streets of Mos Eisley. I can't say the idea is original, I saw a figure similar to this somewhere before and really liked the look so I made one myself. Body is KOTCS cemetary warrior and the head and hands are from a POTF2 Greedo. I sanded the buttons and collar off the shirt and then a little bit of paint and he was done.
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By Utinniii
There are some nice entries.
Now I want some cemetery warriors.
I've finally had some free time so I could go back to the last couple of contests and really look through them. There is a lot of impressive stuff.

Here's probably my final entry for this contest.


K-0Ol1 is a decommissioned early model KX series security droid where they used the inferior bodies of the protocol droids.

K is attached to a lesser Imperial bureaucrat and no longer on active duty. He is currently trying to track down his master who was discretely sent down to Jeddha on a secret mission by Director Krennic. K is troubled because his programming suggests that Krennic is not really an ally to his master. He is also worried because it seems like the Empire is pulling out of Jeddha in a hurry so he wants his master to complete his mission with all haste.

K-0Ol1 is based off an early concept sketch of K-2SO. I had a vintage C-3P0 with a missing hand.
By OC47151
Once upon a time, Zjed was a stormtrooper who participated in the battle of Jakku. When he saw all was lost for the Empire, he deserted. Now he wanders the desert planet, scrapping or taking odd jobs to survive. All of his earthly possessions are in the brown duffel bag he carries.

The head is from the AT-AT driver. The arms, torso and legs from the Talon Carrde figure. The legs (I think) came from an Anakin. The staff is from Zuvio.
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