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By trs55
yuo all know ross screwed up. the force ghost has the at-st price tag and description on the receipt. the figure should have been 3.99. look the at the receipt. it will say something like sw black series at. so more at-st should have been out instead of the obi wans. found more at-st and their tags are the same as the force ghosts.
By trs55
I can almost guarantee we will see more at-st, a wings, target 3 packs, black series 6 inch, molachs, force ghosts, etc. Hasbro made so much and some stores never got past certain waves, that Hasbro needs to find a buyer. I would bet that we will see vintage figures showing up at Ross pretty soon.
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By darthvlad
Does anyone remember what the code was for doing the Hasbro Pulse survey a couple months back. I seemed to have lost the slip of paper that had it written (since I was caught up at that point).

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By darthvlad
darth_sidious wrote:FANDOM52019 ;)

Thanks! I bought a couple more Stormtroopers and the new face-tech Vader... didn't need Vader, but I think the dark skull-eyes looks good.
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