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By Utinniii
I'm going to say that tomorrow after noon is when I will ship it out. So last chance to pick through my fodder and claim anything.
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By Utinniii
Consider this party started!!!
I sent it out just now since I will be busy tomorrow through til Sunday. I splurged for tracking.

I put names on bags for items reserved for them although I wish I had written things bigger.

If you are wondering why there is a bag of fake plants, I had most of the items I used to make my Ligulatechans left over so I put them in. It is proper fodder and not for dibs!

Hopefully tomorrow Roron Cobb sends out his half.

At this point everyone should be
1] Assembling their fodder (both for the box, and also items for dibs)
2] Giving their address and phone # to the person in front of them (and Imperial Officer). Let's not have any wasted time waiting for an address.
3] Subscribing to this thread or at least checking in every few days so you know what's going on.

Woot woot!!
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By Utinniii
I just talked to Roron. He sent out the rest of my stuff to Imp. Off. yesterday.
There are probably around 200 - 300 items in what he is sending.

Here are just the heads. The circled ones are what I took out.


And here are some more fodder.


Those were 2 of 9 photos showing what everything was. One of helmets, 2 of soft goods, one for weapons and the rest were body parts.

@Darth-Cain, you should be getting your fodder ready because you are after him!
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By ImperialOfficer
roron corobb wrote:Those were some rushed pictures :D. Just jumped on to see if the box was received yet and I had some time at home from all my travels.

roron corobb

I received the box Wednesday. I was going to wait until Utiniii's stuff came to post.
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By ImperialOfficer
Lance Quazar wrote:I know i'm on the list somewhere.

How does this all work? There are donations coming from multiple locations? I thought it was just one box that made the rounds.

That's normally what it is, but due to the costo of shipping to and from Canada at the end of the last round Roron Corobb sent only the stuff that Utiniii wanted to Canada. Now I'm just waiting to get the stuff Utiniii is contributing this round.

Here's the list in case you missed it:

John Morog
Roron Corobb
Lance Quazar
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By Jodo
Also, just as a moderator, not a participant, I still believe it’s a good idea for each person to post a picture of what they are taking out od the box, as well as what they are putting in. That way we can see what’s going on with each person, and it can add a bit more honesty to the box’s travels. :)
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By ImperialOfficer
I got the second half from Utinniii yesterday. I did a test fit, and with everything Utinniii added the box was overflowing. I might have to get a bigger box to be able to fit everything I am putting in.
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By ImperialOfficer
I am out of state for the next couple of days. I was hoping to bring the box and send it while I was here, but unfortunately I wasn't able to. I'll post an update when I get back.
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By ImperialOfficer
I'm almost ready to ship. I did a test fit today with my stuff and even without the two biggest bags the box is too full. I can either get a larger box from the post office or take out some of the less useful fodder (after posting here to make sure nobody wants it first). I thought I'd get everybody's input first.
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