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By darthapathy
Another thing I hope they reveal something special for the 40th anniversary of TESB; not just for the 6 inch but the 3.75 inch too.
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By darthvlad
Someone spotted a 6” Bib Fortuna in some photos... I’ll try to verify this. It’s what the fans have been asking for.
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By darthvlad
Yes, that, though people are claiming it's a custom now. And that Boba Fett has the RotJ color scheme.
By vikingrobot
YAK_Chewie wrote:From what I gather, they have plenty of 3.75 offerings coming....


I was referring to GTP, not Hasbro. I hope we get doors and stuff.
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By YAK_Chewie
The Hasbro panel and following slide show reveals were probably Hasbro's worst showing for Star Wars at SDCC ever. Holy crap. Disney's Area 51 secrecy is killing enthusiasm.... and the GOH figures are a nightmare.... complete ignorance of what the market will want to purchase.

GTP will be selling larger scale 6" Death Star scenes, but still waiting on good 3.75" official news other than new product is in the works...

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By Jodo
Yeah, that was terrible. I listened to the live feed as I sorted through some stuff in the office, and the only thing I looked up to see was how bad the GOA figures would be, and the final product for the Fett helmet. It’s too bad they didn’t do The Mandalorian’s helmet...Given, you know...It’s a new character with a tv show coming out.
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By darth_sidious
As usual, unfulfilled hopes and desires to see new 3.75 real surprise. I saw nothing newly revealed that I would purchase. If Hasbro wants to keep brushing off the 3.75 scale, I'll continue to spend less each year. As much as they want us to dip into different scales, I'm still not going to - if they don't release the products we want, many will simply move on to other companies.
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