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Jodo wrote:Excellent!!!! RC was one of my favorite games as a kid, and by far my favorite PT trooper design!

Can't agree with you more, brother. These guys are from the amazing novels that came out before the games. Thanks for the comment!
YAK_Chewie wrote:Nice work, the BARC trooper was always the meanest looking clone, in my opinion. Making it gritty like you did just makes him look even more sinister.

The speeder looks nice as well. Always fun to see some Clone Wars era stuff still being customized.


Thanks, Chewie! Yes... this BARC Trooper Commander is a big favorite for me. It was a treat weathering him and getting him up to par with my vision. Same with the speeder. I'm gonna be getting a Vintage Collection Republic Gunship here soon that I plan to weather and detail nicely. 8)

Jodo wrote:I’ve never seen the speeder with the side cart! It looks awesome!

Thanks! Yes, it was from the Clone Wars animated TV show, but it looked much different before I got my hands on it. Haha.
Jodo wrote:You’re really making me want to get some Clone Commando figures now...Did you see Tunghori has the Clone Wars Boss figure?

Excellent job on the gunship!!!

I don't care for the animated style personally, but there is a delta squad TRU exclusive pack that has highly articulated realistic style commandos. I want that pack so bad, because the articulation is on par with the best clone troopers on the market. They are very rare and very expensive. I'm glad you like Omega Squad! They will be my pride and joy once I finish with Atin.

Lance Quazar wrote:Your weathering skills are absolutely extraordinary. Love all your work, but those commandos in particular are just spectacular! Let's see some pics of them on the gunship!!

They are by far my favorite customs as well! I can't wait to have them finished. They are truly something special, because it's like I've brought them to life off the pages of the books.

I have a single shot of them packed into the gunship. Enjoy!


The reason why I don't have more is because their foot peg holes are extremely tight and they are hard to secure into place...
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