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Thank you all! Personally, I think the likeness is hilarious. It makes me smile every time I look at it because now all I want to do is pose it in all my dioramas.

And yep, ended up using the Luke head I had. I sculpted the mustache, chin strap, etc. on to the head as well.

There’s actually one more costume change I have for him (me?). Just can’t figure out what arms I want to use.
Yautjaclanleader wrote:Think you did a good job personalizing yourself into the Star Wars universe! Could totally see the 'star wars' you bumping into Dr.Aphra given the backstory! 8)

I still intended to read the Marvel comics, but I could absolutely see that happening! Thanks man!

YAK_Chewie wrote:Your self custom needs to make an appearance in your photonovel series!!


Maybe it’ll be like a real movie, and I’ll recast myself as Jai in the series :twisted:
JawaKing - Dreya and Elliot are characters in Jodo's photonovel - "Era of Darkness" as to the "hot" question, I'll let Jodo and Lance Quazar answer that:)

Jodo - I commented on your selfie over on ISY, but I will add that I do like the way you've located yourself in the Star Wars Universe. Great work on the figure(s).
JawaKing wrote:Who are Dreya and Elliot? Are they from the Aphra series? Are they hot?

Yeah, what Starchaser said. It's a fun P/N. Check here if you are interested in reading Era of Darkness.

If you are interested in photonovels in general, there's the Photo Novel Alliance. There's a lot of good stuff in there done by our guys. And if you already know about all this, apologies!
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