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Love it I want 1000!
Awsome ill take a few!
Like it Ill buy 1 or 2.
Meh i'd rather glue sticks together in my back yard.
Bantha Fodder
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By TwelfthParsec
YAK_Chewie wrote:Very nice, I was wondering lately what you guys had been up to...

Now, I do have to admit I really would love to see a plastic/non-3D printed set almost exactly like this. I am a bit on the fence on this because of the natural 3D printed lines... do you have any pics of these alongside figures?


We print at a high resolution/small layer height to avoid these lines as well as most parts are printed flat too.

Heres a scale photo with a 3.75" figure silhouette . We have to be careful what we put in the pictures to avoid issues ;)
scale co.jpg
By TwelfthParsec
Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know about this weekends promotion. It will be the last for awhile so if you were on the button now is the time

SAVE 10 % today through THE ENTIRE WEEKEND!!!! in honor of ROGUE FRIDAY! Use code ROGUEFRIDAY at checkout!

Also I'm excited to announce that we are about 90% of the way to our goal to be able to bring out side 2 of Space Bases in early 2017!
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By Joosk
You could make molds of these with resins after you make the 3d print would allow for you to eliminate the lines and make it a much smoother piece. I know some people that do that they even do Add to dictionary its really nice for curved pieces.
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