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By Jodo
So what are everyone’s thoughts on this one?

Personally, I’ll buy anything that they make in a decent scale and quality. This is a must buy as soon as it’s up for sale, but I do have a few thoughts. I would have loved to of seen the Black Squadron or Blue Squadron X-Wing before this one...And I also wonder if many people will bite on this for $100. I’d presume it may eventually reach clearance or a lower $70-85 price point on Amazon, etc.
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By Lance Quazar
I must admit, I really do like the look. Better than either ST version so far.

But two things are keeping me from buying this -

1) The price. It's too damn high, especially after all of the money I already spent this year on TVC goodness. It was a really rich year for quality SW product and I'm tapped out.

2) Space. See above. After the Barge already displaced several SW items on display, I have no desire to have more toys pile up in a closet. I've been downgrading my collection for the past several years, but this year wound up buying so much new stuff (including larger items) that I just can't squeeze in anything else. At least not something that I already have in some form (like an X-Wing.)

But I hope those that get it enjoy it and I hope to see some great pics and youtube videos showing this off before too long.

(I'm also a little disappointed that the recently revealed Poe X-Wing at the "Rise of the Resistance" ride wasn't painted like this. Oh, well....)
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I'm sold on it. Looks spectacular, I love those orange and grey highlights, and this will be a step above the other X-Wings we've gotten from episodes 7-now. I'll make the room ;).
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By Jodo
I try not to think of space, or what I will do when I have kids/get old. LOL

If they do clearance them out, I’ll definitely pick one up to make a Blue Squadron one as well.
By ctonra
Nice, but the $100 Price tag is making me want to wait, see if it comes down. I dont get it the Jabba palace playset and Skiff great pricepoints these X-wings and AS-ST feels like price gauging
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By Jodo
Got this today from Amazon. I really love the sculpt, but upon closer inspection I’m going to have to return it. The engines are warped terribly on one side. My only other issue is the uneven weathering, but that could always be fixed. It’s almost exactly the same height as the OT X-Wing too btw. Really killed my love for it given the warping.










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By YAK_Chewie
Mine came in today too. It's a great ship, but that really sucks about yours. I've never seen something like that on hard plastic right out of the box.

I snapped a few pics of mine. I did notice one of the cannons was assembled in a way where the blaster is crooked some, but it's okay enough. I also love that you can fit either an astromech or BB unit in there.





It's great overall - but $100 great? Not at all. Feels like a $75 value, tops. But such is the way of Star Wars TVC and TBS these days. Always unnecessary upcharges on the collector items. This should have come with a special carded BB-8 w/ D-0 to help it feel like a better purchase.

I also think it was a bad call releasing Luke's X-Wing at the same time. Who thinks up such bad timing?

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I love mine, the colors are perfect for me for personal reasons (Go Orange!) and the details and scale are phenomenal. It makes me want to chuck the other Resistance X-Wings I got during TFA Force Friday.
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My back right landing gear originally snapped off but was easily fit back into the peg, but I agree, it's a little loose at the joints. Probably my only gripe as well if I am going to be super picky but it does stand up fine on its own.
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By Jodo
I got my replacement and I’m satisfied with it overall, though I did have to swap out two of the cannons and the R2 slot from the first vehicle. Now to just send the first one back...
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