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This Jawa figure is made from 4 different Jawa figures! The main body is Legacy (second version.) The crossbelts are mostly TAC Jawa. The head was modified from TBS Jawa, and also this is where the gun is from. The cloak was repaired, modified, and dyed from a Kenner vintage Jawa. The head, arms, belt, gun barrel and feet are repainted.
johnmorog wrote:Dang, and I thought that was going to be an easy custom! That looks really cool, though. I definitely want to make one.

Thanks, johnmorog! This custom was peiced together with the scraps I had on hand, which were perfect. A good custom Jawa doesn't have to be so complicated. I have some on pages 6 & 7 of my thread here, some are simpler and some are not. Usually the trick is getting the limbs trimmed down to fit the cloak that you are using.
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