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Hey everyone hope your all doing good! :)

As most of you know from the miltiple threads in our community forums several customizers have been working on an Ulitimate Group Project(UGP) to be displayed at Celebration 4.

It's getting close now and all the people envolved are working very hard to comlpete this great project. If you haven't yet been envolved with it or haven't kept up with the goings on with the project there is still plenty of time to get involved.

We are still in need of people to contribute custom figures(citizens for the city) and buildings to fill the city. Any contribution will be greatly appriciated.

I have taken over the weekly UGP email, that will give updates on progress, announcments about the website as well as other information about the project.

So if you'd like to recive the UGP weekly update email or would like to get envolved, go ahead and shoot me a PM and i'll add you to the mailing list, the more people the better!

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By jedistyle
hey all, the first update went out this evening. hope it wa alright and gave a decent amount of info, i'm going to try to do 2 a week, so it will get better.

if for some reason i missed you this first update be sure to PM me and i'll get you added. thanks.
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By jedistyle
the second weekly update has gone out this evening. hope everyone that wanted the email recieved it. thanks.
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By jedistyle
the 3rd weekly update has gone out this evening, hope everyone got it and all the major points where hit, it's a big one with some good info, so be sure to check it out!
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By pendragon
Here's an update for ya ;)

The Hat:

Cheap T & Hat:

Me, excited to have received these at work:

Me, at work, on a normal day:

I love this project! If you want to show your support, get some UGPwear of your own at the UGP Store! We ain't makin' a dime offa this :D

/love my MacBook w/ built-in camera too 8)
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By jedistyle
great pics pendragon, i put a link to them in the latest weekly update email. that hat really look good, i wish i had picked one up now! :?

the #4 ugp weekly update email has gone out tonight. so i hope everyone that needed it got it! :)

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