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By Commander DiFabio
That one question that every one asks is a storm trooper a clone. If you go by EU then no (kyle katarn was a trooper) But I don't go down the path of EU. I think it's a even mix of Jango clones, volenteers, drafts, or other clones. All their voices r the same in star wars,but the scouts r different in ROTJ. I really think it's a mix. The ones that shoot badly r the scared drafted troops. The clones r really cool but i just can't see the resemblence with storm troopers. I like the stormtroopers the best personaly because they r the first ones i ever saw on screen. I also have this feeling that next years inevitable 30 aniv dvd set is going to have all the storms talking like clones i hate that. Just look at hasbros figures. But oh well the way i see it your version is the version that is right, Storm or clone. WHAT DO U THINK
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By Grievous
My guess is it's a mix of clones(Jango & not), all the troopers in ANH had a similar voice. While the scouts has similar voices.
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By Huntsmæñus
Well, doesn't the EU on the main Star Wars site say something similar? The Stormtroopers are a mix of Clones and volunteers and draftees. Maybe the TV series will add some more trivia about this mysterious era...
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By Commander DiFabio
If you look at Hasbros new Imperial troops they really don't look that muck like Jango. I mean the resemblence is there just not as much as other clones. Plus they have a more pailer complection.
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By jedistyle
it's another generation of clones. possibly what, 4th or 5th, generation clones by the time they transition into the imperial armor we know. so hasbro imperial troopers in the likeness of clones i'm sure still clones, so i would guess it may be possible for the newer clones to be slightly less "pure" a clones as the first gen.s, explaining pailer skin etc... just a guess! :)

but yea, i would have to agree with stormtroopers being a mix of clones and newly recruited random humans. there are several examples of this on wookiepedia, including stories on the 501st.

this is a cool topic....
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By Incom
This has always been a cool topic, discussed on various boards. Unfortunately, often it ended up in a negative bashing and trashing thread.

Here's my thoughts:

I don't think all STs are Clones. To maintain a cloning program of that size would surely cost way too much credits, even for Palpatine. We all know the Empire ruled by fear. So, I think the Empire eventually shifted its attention more to drafting regular people.

Take a look at the arrival of Palpatine in RotJ. And looks closely at the Royal Guards. There are quite some differences in height....

Also, in RotJ, there's the "fat" Biker Scout. I believe he's the one shouting "quick, go get your ride!".

Clones are of the same height, right? And due to their metabolism, follow strict diets and such?

So, while at first (two, three years ago) I was all against the whole ST=Clone idea, now I'm quite happy believing it's a mix of Clones and regulars.

I sure hope the STs will keep their original voices, though. And that Boba gets his original voice back in ESB as well....
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By darth_frisco
seems pretty clear to me that they moved into conscription etc for the stormtroopers (not all clones)... wasnt even Han Solo originally a stormtrooper? who got fired for not killing chewbacca?
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By Coookieemonster
Nope Han Solo was an Imperial Officer and Pilot, and he was court martialed and dishonorablly discharged, for not letting his commanding officer kill Chewbacca and Helped Chewbacca escape.

As for the Question Clone or Non-Clone, if you asked me last year I would have told you I hated the idea of Clones being Stormtroopers, ask me today and I would say that Half are Clones and Half are Non-Clones. However this doesnt mean the Clones are Jango Fett Clones, because I think very few wouldnt have survived upto that point, due to increased ageing and being shot at and killed.
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By Plo Koon
I'm pretty sure that they started conscripting/recruiting after episode 3, and somewhere in the Republic Commando series of books it said that they moved to other templates for clones. I'm >95 sure that episode 3 was all clones, while episode 4 onwards was a mix of Older jango clones, newer clones from other templates, and recruits. I think some of the first non-clones to join the GAR were CorSec officers, for example the admiral in the clone wars animated series (I know he's not from CorSec, just an example) is non-clone, and I think they drew from other security sources first, before establishing the Imperial Academy for civilians.

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