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By Jedi_Fejj_Ograw
Anyone out there finding these yet?
By tenike1
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By Darth Holmes
I don't think these will be out until later in the year. Anyone know when?
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By YAK_Chewie
Not too excited about these, but here they are from

Image Image Image Image Image Image

Looks like Maul's horns are ....... but overall, the paint scheme does look better than the original release of this figure, at least I think so.


The Battle Droids seem to be trying to resemble the ones from TPM -


Not bad, but I still think I prefer the ROTS version better. But still nice that it's a 2-pk.

Kind of cool that the clone is clean - but also nice that it IS the #41 sculpt after all -


Everything else from this wave, I'll pass on. I might pass on Maul too. will probably pick up a few of the Battle Droids and the Clone.

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By Darth Kikinou
I need to build up my CIS droid army. Haven't found a single SBD yet. Grrrr. I have about a dozen junky ones from past years.
By tenike1
I really like the paint job on Darth Maul.
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By MasterGrievous
The Battle Droids and Clone Trooper will be the only ones in this wave I'll be getting, maybe I'll get the Grievous to keep carded.
By tenike1
Nice touch by hasbro to leave the damage off of the clone trooper. The battle droid sculpt sucks.
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By JarJar
They look ok. This line is good for kids who didn't get these figs the 1st time around....
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By Grievous
Here's what I'll pic up from wave 1:
x ??? Clone Trooper (AOTC)
x ??? Clone Trooper(ROTS)
x ??? Battle Droid 2-Pack
x ??? Shock Trooper
x 1 General Grievous (Never Picked it up before)
x 1 C-3PO (Same as Grievous)

Whyre-pack the Anakin, Maul & R2 when there's better sculpts of those figures? I.E. Evo Anakin, VOTC R2 & Evo Maul. :roll:
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By BrentS
I didn't realize these were getting coins too. Did they show the coins in the earlier sneak previews and I just missed it?
By tenike1

Is it just me, or does this look like the AT-TE Tank Gunner mold?


So much for curto and hasbro giving us a decent trooper. I feel bad for those who passed up on the Appos now.
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By Commander DiFabio
From the "man" himself.

One of the most popular clones from Revegne of the Sith will be upgraded to the SA sculpt we all want, with all-new clean armor.

Hey wait a minute...that's not the Super-Articulated sculpt...what's going on here?
(I'll come back to this one...)


One of the Final 4 from the tournament, this soldier of the Empire from A New Hope will be back for fans to build up their armies. This figure will be marked as "Saga Legends Fan's Choice"

Hey, that's not the Evolutions sculpt! What the heck is going on?

As you no doubt may have noticed, the 501st Clone Trooper and the Sandtrooper are NOT the figures that were originally announced last fall. This is because this wave was originally chosen by Hasbro prior to the tournament, and the fan votes had not been finalized. When the tournament ended, the dirty Sandtrooper Sergeant (with white pauldron) and the SA 501st Clone Trooper (with clean armor) were picked as the versions for this wave.

The images you see here are NOT the final production figures. Aside from the incorrect sculpt, the Sandtrooper does not have the "Fan's Choice" sticker on the bubble. Since these changes were made some time ago, it's a mystery why we're seeing them in this form now, but rest assured we're looking into the problem.
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By YAK_Chewie
Hmmm.... this is almost laughable. Hell, the entire wave is - for the most part, it truly sucks. I'll be saving a lot of money when these come out and clog the pegs. Usually I'm pretty mild mannered, but what the hell are they doing? Geeze.

Boba Fett - Maybe the only figure in this wave worthy of a repack... I'll get a couple more than likely.

Obi-Wan Kenobi - This might pegwarm even worse than the wave one Kenobi, which is scary. Good figure, but how many times do we need to see it repacked??

Chewbacca - A complete joke... easy pass. Why not surprise us with the Early Bird version?

Anakin - Another joke. Seriously, I can't see why they don't surprise us with the Evolutions Anakin... would anyone NOT want to see that?

Destroyer Droid - Again, easy pass. This figure totally sucks.

501st Clone Trooper - Thank God I bought some Appos when I saw them, is all I have to say. Ridiculous. I'm sure Curto did think that we were getting an SA version, but you know, this is Hasbro we're talking about.

Princess Leia - Bah, a fine example of why the entire Fan Poll was a joke and why I quit after one round.

Sandtrooper - Good figure, glad to see this looks as good as it does.

So - I'll probably get 2 Fetts, and a few Sandies.

Thanks Hasbro, this wave sucks and will probably be shipped in higher numbers than the new figures this year.

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