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By Commander_1138
Umm... ok.... I guess I'm just not as excited about a nightmare Anakin lol. I really like the figures, Malak is kinda questionable tho.
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By YAK_Chewie
I'm not sure what I'll do with that Anakin to make him without pants (that sounds disgusting). Maybe I'll just remove the paint, and do a leg swap or something instead.

On a side note, someone at claims that a friend saw this wave at a Target in St. Louis... now this is possible but I find it highly unlikely.

By YakPurge
Damn!!!! Hermi kicks ass. Just back from Walmart and scored one along with 2 Anakin's 1 Roron. After reading that people here in SoCal had been finding them I decided just for kicks to see what was to be had didn't think I'd actually find any so late in the day but low and behold. I don't know how many cases this wal-mart orders but damn there was a lot of Roron's, Anakin's & 3PO's. They must've gotten wave 4 earlier in the week or at least ordered fewer cases of it, I base that on because there were far more of the wave 5 "pegwarmers"-using that term lightly then there were the leftovers from the wave 4. And of course no Darth's, Grevious', Yoda's or McQ's in sight.
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By Hawkeye
I preordered a few from Wave 5 from BBTS. I got my Hermi today, but no Darths or Starkiller. (Which were the one's I ordered).

I did get a McVader with this order too.

Which is nice, since Wave 4 has yet to show up in my one horse town.
By Rune Haako
I haven't even found Wave 4 or half of Wave 3 yet, I never get a break! :x
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By Gorkoracing
Pics of my sample bug eye malak and the corrected production figure

malak and revan


hermi's bubble is HUGE
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By Hawkeye
The Darths.

I want.


I started customizing my Hermi today.
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By Ma'al Motorskill
Hey, I noticed has some of wave 5 listed as coming soon on the website now. Might be a good chance here soon to grab some of those singles that you cant find in your area. :D
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By Hawkeye
I'll bet they sell out faster than'll skip that analogy.....I'll bet they sell out fast once up!
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By Ma'al Motorskill
Hawkeye wrote:Ooo!
I'll bet they sell out faster than'll skip that analogy.....I'll bet they sell out fast once up!

Yeah, I'm sure they will. But at least it won't be as bad as trying to get a concept luke, or the SDCC Destro that probably didn't even last the day. But then again its strange sometimes, like the Concept Obi-Wan and Yoda were on pre order for a long time there, and the SDCC Shadow Scout is still available at StarwarsShop.

Who knows, I'll keep my eye out on it.
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By YAK_Chewie
Hot diggity damn! Found Wave 5 tonight at Walmart in Fenton, MO.

Picked up the following -

C3PO w/ Crumb x 1
Hermi Odle x 2
Tatoo Anakin x 2
Starkiller Hero x 2
Yoda w/ Kybuck x 2
Darth Malak x 2
Darth Revan x 2
Roron Corob x 2
Flesh Grievous x 2

Opened them all already. What a freaking outstanding wave... easily the best so far this year I think, if not the best wave I can remember since the first wave of Collection 2 from ROTS.

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By YAK_Jayson
Nice score Justin

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