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By Niktom
I am stoked about the Obi Wan.... even though he has a bit of a haggard old drunk look to him.

What's up with the Maul? His build and neck makes him look like Durge. In fact, the more I look at it.... it looks like they started making a Durge then just painted him to look like Maul.
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By SpecialOpsUnit
Yeah I don't understand that one right now, maybe its the lighting. I'm gonna wait for more pictures for him.
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By SpecialOpsUnit
Seems the Emperor Maquette has been tweaked a bit. Instead of his eyes being completely yellow they made just his pupils yellow. Looks a lot a lot more better in my opinion.

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By Theo Zissou
oh man i thought i got a good deal on my fett for $75 this one went for 99 cents. ... :IT&ih=007

i decided to start collecting the animated line of gentle giant statues. I got Roran Corobb and a stormtrooper. i like the roran pose even more in person. these retail for around $80 each and i got both of them for around $20 each.


i also won han, chewie, and fett. hopefully those show up tommarrow.
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By Niktom
Well, it's mid May and the Emperor is scheduled to ship this month. Anyone heard anything about him being on time or delayed?

Any speculation on possible convention exclusives or other regulars showing up this year?
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By Niktom
I got bored at work today and got to thinking about the Edition Sizes on these. Here's what I found:

Regular Release
Boba Fett 7000
Darth Vader 7000
Leia/R2 8500
Luke Hoth 4500
3PO/Jawa 4500
Stormtrooper 4000
Han 3000
Chewbacca 3000
Emperor 2000

Boba Fett (B/W) 500
Boba Fett (Animated - CIV) 1000
Darth Vader (B/W) 500
Leia/R2 (B/W) 500
Luke Hoth (B/W) 500
3PO/Jawa (B/W) 500
Blackhole Stormtrooper (GG Guild) 1000
Yoda/R2 (SWShop CIV) 2500
Luke Stormtrooper (AFX) 1500

What got me to working on this was the edition size of the Emperor.

Man, have they scaled these back or what? His run is lower than the Yoda/R2 Exclusive.

Is GG dropping productions numbers like this in their other lines or is this a sign that the animated may not be around much longer?
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By Niktom
Them Emperor arrived the other day...



I'm impressed. Great pose, really good coloring on the face. Not the best out of the line but it certainly does the character justice.
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By Theo Zissou
How bout that new fett with han in carbonite? :)


i have the first fett they released, but this one is really awesome as well.

I see they are going to be doing statues for the clonewars animation as well. i like this one of asoka with the huttlet.

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By Niktom
I saw the Fett when all the pics started hitting but never had time to post...

I'm all over that one... even though, it's a pity they are already revisiting a character. Granted, I'm a big Fett Fan but it would be nice to see a Lando, Jabba, group of Ewoks, Snowtrooper, Sandtrooper, Tusken Raider, one of the other Bounty Hunters... something totally different.

Did you happen to see a release date for it?
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By Niktom
Well this stinks....

Just got notification that my Obi Wan won't ship now until Nov. 24. It was supposed to head out this month. It seems GG has been running a bit late on the last few of these.
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By Niktom
Ben made it. Not bad... really good pose, I like the wind swept cloak. Weakest point is the face. A bit chiseled which takes some years off the character and diminishes his look of wisdom but over all I nice addition.

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